MassGOP’s Cold Indifferent Silence

Posted September 18th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Are the MassGOP “Party Insidersstill licking their wounds over not getting their way Wednesday night?  Are they so peeved and so pissed that they’ve ignored the headline story – a story that’s making national and international news?
MassGOP Pukes
Where is the stinging statement from ChairMouse Hughes over the failure of the DFC to keep watch over at-risk kids living in deathtraps?   When will the Disney-trained singer squeak up?
If a simple press release is too hard for you Kirsten,  please resign!

Kirsten Hughes ChairMouse

Introducing the Kirsten Hughes Chair Mouse Theme Song for 2015:

Chair Mouse

7 Responses to “MassGOP’s Cold Indifferent Silence”

  1. Jim Buba

    All that needs to be said about Hughes has been said. I can’t understand how she was elected first beyond the Baker-Brown connection. To the casual observer, that is supposed to be enough.

    She is as useless as Deval and just as dangerous.

  2. Lee Whitney

    Kirsten cares about two things: POWER and MONEY.
    She should walk around with a mirror attached to a bracket over her head so she look at herself smiling all the time. Vain. Vain. Vain.

    Don’t expect her to do anything she isn’t told to do by the Baker team or RNC.

  3. Patrick

    What happened Wednesday?

    ? ? ? ? ?

    The Quarterly MassGOP Meeting at the Newton Marriott – where the INSIDERS [aka Romney-Bush RiNOs] had a plan to end the traditional District Caucuses as the method of picking convention delegates.

    They wanted the Party Insiders to pick – thus ignoring the Grass Roots and letting Kaufman – Romney – Bush pick who goes to Cleveland next July. They regards us as peasants – grubby potato farmers…

  4. Jim Gettens

    MassGOP is a microcosm of the GOP, which Peggy Noonan, in today’s The Wall Street Journal, encapsulated wonderfully:

    “Rick Santorum…evok[ed] the now-frayed connection between the American working class and a Republican Party that 35 years ago became their natural, welcoming home and later threw them over to tend to the causes of the donor class. What the GOP got in return was 5,000 donor votes and lots of money with which to make commercials the working class will find neither believable nor even interesting.”

    Make no mistake: GOP and MassGOP are dominated by wealthy RINOs such as Willard Romney, Ron “Chocolate Pants” Kaufman, and Charles D. Baker who have utter contempt for the ordinary, working- and middle-class voters who form the backbone of this great but declining Nation, and their traditional values. Essentially, these ‘donor class’ members are self-serving crony capitalist sociopaths grabbing whatever wealth and power levers they can at the expense of everyone else. Hence their attempted Marriott coup this week, and their utter lack of empathy for little Bella and other DCF victims as they seek to distance themselves from the other aspects of their so-called ‘leadership’–accountability and responsibility.

  5. Robert Cappucci

    I serve on the State Committee representing the 2nd Middlesex District (Medford, Somerville, precincts 4, 5, 6 and 7 of Winchester and wards 9, 10 and 11 in the People’s Republic of Cambridge).

    First, those of us more conservative minded on the MASS GOP State Committee have had some successful pushback against the establishment ruling class. Just off the top of my head, change of the platform to include social issues calling abortion a tragedy, and standing up for marriage between one man and one woman. There’s more success but I won’t cry victory when clearly, we have a lot more work to do.

    From my heart, with child like honesty, I am, at times, perplexed and stunned at actions taken and words spoken by some colleagues of mine on the State Committee. For instance, after William Weld endorsed the Democrat in a race last year for the State House, we conservatives tried to admonish him, officially, but the resolution was so watered down by the establishment that I couldn’t, in good conscience, vote for the resolution because the watering down made it tame and limp towards the kind of resolve it needed to send a forceful message that we don’t tolerate back stabbing from noted “Republicans” such as the disgraceful act of publicly endorsing our opposition, who then wins the race as a direct result. Michael Day, Democrat, who worked with William Weld for a company that had ties to the casino people (Weld is now the casino group’s lobbyist on Beacon Hill) has been executing the DNC playbook of far leftwing Progressive shenanigans. Day is co-sponsor to HB1228, a bill that will make all of Massachusetts a sanctuary state for illegal aliens. How any State Committee member would speak in favor of Weld after his endorsement is beyond comprehension and is a disgusting act sucking up to power for power’s sake.

    Where is the admonishment of the DCF from Chairman Hughes and the State Committee to the DCF? The same place the official and public admonishment to Planned Parenthood over selling murdered baby body parts is which is no where. Too many on the State Committee are either spineless or just plain callous when it comes to these issues of huge matter and import. The other night at the opening of the State Committee meeting, right after the Pledge Of Allegiance, when I, and many more ended with “Born And Unborn”, several colleagues of mine, including Mindy Mckenzie-Hebert, guffawed and made audible noises of having disgust with those of us who said “Born And Unborn.” SHAME ON THEM!!!!

    The ruling class establishment moderate “Republicans” are one of three things: 1) For money and power only. 2) For satisfying their egos as the ‘smartest brains in the universe’. Or, 3) Democrat infiltrators who must be voted off the State Committee on March 1st.

    I urge all rank and file conservative Republicans to please contact your State Committeeman and State Committeewoman and ask how they voted on the recent resolution this past Wednesday night. If they voted “NO” to the minority report concerning delegates then either run for their seat on the State Committee or find out who is challenging them and make sure that person is a true conservative and give your vote to change the MASS GOP State Committee for the better so this party of Lincoln, Coolidge, Goldwater and Reagan can be changed right here in Massachusetts and we can elect a new Chair that will serve the conservative base and not wish we never existed as she most certainly does.

    “I would remind you, that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And, let me remind you also, that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” Barry Goldwater.

  6. Sherox

    This is why the state committee race coming in March is so critical.