MassGOP’s Blathering Mouseketeer RiNO

Posted November 19th, 2015 by Iron Mike

How on earth could she be more out-of-touch…?
On a night when Trump fills the DCU CenterKirsten Hughes – our [fake] Republican State Party Chair – is interviewed by The Boston Globe [her favorite left-wing rag] and responds as if she’s just spent 6 months on the Space Station.
MassGOP Mouseketeer Kirsten Hughes
The state GOP’s chairwoman, Kirsten Hughes,  when asked which candidates were picking up popular support, replied, [brace yourselves…]

Kasich and Rubio,  and I’ll say Bush because folks like him,  but really the wind is at those two guys’ backs if you ask me.  If you’re more conservative,  I don’t hear them talking about anybody but Ted Cruz.”

Really Kirsten,  – did childbirth dump the last of your brains on the delivery room floor?

John Adams Damn you RiNOs

You could barely fill the convention hall last year when you were busy screwing Mark Fisher out of a place on our primary ballot,…and Trump FILLS the DCU center?

Who told you to answer like that – Chocolate Pants? Romney? Reince Priebus? RiNO Weld?

Folks, let me explain my obvious anger….

This young woman – forced upon us by Ron Kaufman [aka Chocolate Pants] and Scott Brown,…is not a Republican.  She is a FAKE!  She is a gun-hating, abortion-loving Democrat.

Nasseur Maginn Hughes FAILURES

But our RiNO infested State Committee elected her Chairwoman – to replace Romney’s loser – Runty Maginn…

So yesterday,…with Trump and Carson leading in the polls everywhere – this back-stabbing bitch fails to even mention their names…?

Why?   Because they’re both outsiders…. They’re not beholding to the Party Kingmakers.

Kirsten Hughes sells Navy SEALRemember, today we have US Senators Cherokee Squaw and Ice Cream Man – thanks to the efforts of Chocolate Pants and the Mouseketeer.

These RiNOs are the chief reason why the Massachusetts Republican Party is in tatters, – with the TEA Party struggling to uphold Constitutional Values.

They are why people have come to despise politics – because these people KEEP PROVING they cannot be trusted to tell the obvious truth.

Deval congratulates Kirsten


7 Responses to “MassGOP’s Blathering Mouseketeer RiNO”

  1. Clinton MA Tea Party

    These stupid rino Bush lovers have cost the Ma Gop alot of losses in our state. Now they are trying to destroy the State Committee. Un American bastards.

  2. Lonnie Brennan

    Right on the mark.
    Update: Kirsten must pay the outstanding balance of $215,000 to Mark Fisher by Dec. 31, 2015, PER COURT ORDER after she and Matt Sisk oversaw the THIRD-WORLD rigged elections at the Convention, then refused to hand over the magical “tally sheets” to the courts, and instead pleaded out to the $250,000 fine.

    They glanced over it at the state committee meeting last night… but that’s just the TIP of the iceberg….

  3. Timothy Imholt

    I think just based on her pleading to the fine is a reason she should no longer have the position she has. So long, thanks for playing and taking donor money to pay all this stuff off. That fine, and that game played is why I will not donate dollar 1 to the Mass GOP. But that’s just me.

  4. Patrick

    What was said about the Fisher fine?

    Frank Phillips wrote about it a month ago and said none of it had been paid back. Also, my understanding is that Kirsten is not personally on the hook for it.

  5. Tom Gilroy

    The state Republican crowd is invested in RiNOs and losers. Kaufman should retire to the home. Kristen head back to Quincy and don’t ever show your face again. The rest of the establishment cabal, be gone and be gone far away. We’re sick of the losers you support and the real patriots you ignore and vilify.

    To not even mention the two national and state leaders is appalling, ignorant and shocking to the voters and conservatives in this state. It’s way past time for this cabal, the entrenched executives that far exceeded their usefulness and are ready for the boneyard, they are inconsequential.

  6. Marc

    Perhaps the best thing that a Trump administration might do is make creatures like Kirsten Hughes have to get real jobs for a living.