MassGOP? What’s the point?

Posted November 3rd, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

Time for a change?

I wonder what the MassGOP thinks of yesterday’s results.  If results count, they were 100% ineffective. They couldn’t get anyone elected.  They haven’t replaced anyone in the current socialist cadre in office.

Other states were able to push the conservative agenda and get people elected.  We weren’t.

This is not a negative against our candidates.  I can’t remember when we’ve had a better slate of candidates from which to choose.  We’ve fielded top notch people, who had an excellent message.  Where was the party?  Where was the support?  Where are the results?

I think it’s time for major change at the top of MassGOP.  We need leadership that will project the conservative agenda to the voters.  We need a process the cultivates, supports, and drives our campaigns to fruition.  Maybe someone from another state can come in and lead us to a new level.  Something has to change.

That’s not just my opinion… others feel the same. MassGOP is broken.


2 Responses to “MassGOP? What’s the point?”

  1. dannap

    Ditto Delaware GOP

  2. Dave Jackson

    Republicans preparing to get Obama re-elected.

    The elections are over. Republicans are celebrating, Democrats are thinking that it could have been worse. Tea party is asking itself what to do now. President is posturing for conciliation.

    The people have spoken. They don’t want the changes that were made in the last two years. It was clearly business as usual. Bills being jammed through, pork being added, more money being spent. The people want this changed more than anything. They want smart decisions, streamlined bills, no pork. Bills that are actually read by the members of Congress. Bills that haven’t had riders thrown in that are totally irrelevant to the basic bill.

    Having heard this, what is it that the Republican Party is preparing to do? A return to business as usual. They’re planning to elect a Speaker of the House that has been part of the business-as-usual system for 20 years. He has experience in bills with pork. He’s added pork to bills. He’s watched the party in power ram through their agenda. He’s been a “rammer.” Business as usual. He’s organized this fellow republicans to vote as a block – to vote against bills. That’s what minority parties do. Business as usual.

    The people have spoken. They don’t want business as usual.

    What the Republican party needs to do is elect a Speaker that will drive the change that the people have mandated. Elect someone that will lead committees to streamline bills. Someone that will have the backbone to not allow bills to come to a vote if they have extraneous pork. Someone that will rally the troops to vote down riders that have nothing to do with the bill being debated. Whoa! What if they could elect someone that could actually effect true compromise that makes the important issues mono-political. Maybe someone that would even be forward looking enough to create a law allowing some kind of “partial veto” for non-relevant bill riders (and pork).

    But, it’s probably too hard for the Party to find such a Speaker. Too hard to follow the mandate just given. So, it’s business as usual. And in 2012, the people will say that the Republicans didn’t listen to us. They were the party of status quo.

    They’ll think, “maybe we should elect more Democrats. They’ll give us the change we want….”

    David Jackson
    Denver Colorado