MassGOP Stalinist Rule Bending

Posted May 29th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Yet another tawdry chapter
on the road to
Mitt’s coronation in Tampa.

I knew it would be ugly when I saw two cops riding herd on the ‘mob’.

Tonight the ‘Allocation Committee’ of the MassGOP met in Marlborough under the ‘leadership’ of Ed McGrath.  To ensure Mitt’s wishes were adhered to, supervision was provided by Vice Chair Mamma Kangas, Nat’l Committeewoman Jody Dow,  and MassGOP lawyer Vincent DeVito [who somehow supports Agenda 21 – go figure?].

The meeting was supposed to be PUBLIC.  The cops had been hired to keep us OUT!

Outside was a crowd of some 70 Republicans – all flavors to include the Ronald Reagan Liberty Slate, some old diehards like myself, and a number of first-time voters and first-time activists.

The meeting has been called in secret [not posted on the MassGOP website] because Mitt and his sidekick Chairman Runty Maginn are embarrassed.  Seems that across the state not all of their ‘preferred Mitt Faithful’ were elected as delegates.  And – they don’t think they can ‘trust’ the Liberty slate.

Officially they met to determine the fate of some provisional ballots.  The real reason was to find a way to finagle the Liberty slate out – and replace them with the proven Mittsters.

The whole thing smelled like the bowels of the Kremlin. You could just see Stalin’s smirking approval.

Not my favorite – but a 26 year faithful CommitteemanSteve Zykofsky drove in from Lynn– and was denied entrance to the meeting room.

So as things progressed the committee faced a dilemma:   play dirty with the press right outside the room to record the event, – or find a way to squirm out of a decision until Mitt could be contacted. 

They chose to ‘continue the meeting’ – and adjourn.

None of the ‘insiders’ made ANY attempt to talk with the gathered Republicans.  They’d scooted in hurriedly – and they mostly skulked out without a word.

Their insular world has been rattled and penetrated – they’re running scared.  

My freshly re-elected State Committeeman – the guy who beat me for the job in March – was nowhere to be seen. He lives ~ maybe ~ 15 miles away. Good Republicans needed representation tonight Brian; – where were you?

Tonight was a classic example of why the GOP is just 11% of the voters here in Massachusetts, – and why so many people sneer at us – and at our candidates.  This kind of dirty back-room secret stuff both rubs off on good candidates and it smell to high hell!

This blatant attempt to disenfranchise legitimately elected delegates makes Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokee box-checking look trivial.

  So what was accomplished tonight Runty? 

Who did you impress?  How did this help Mitt or ANY Republican get elected?  Who wrote this script; – Axelrod? 

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!


12 Responses to “MassGOP Stalinist Rule Bending”

  1. John DiMascio

    Check out this video.

    I will say this: There is some concern that some of the delegates elected aren’t even Paul supporters, but occupy people. Supposedly, these folks have never been seen at Tea Party or MA-GOP events. And there is a legitimate concerns that these infiltrators might attempt to disrupt the convention in order to embarrass the GOP and Romney. The idea being that if there is some kind of violence seen on the convention floor, the media will have a field day.

    All that said, any attempt to purge the entire slate of duly elected delegates is a miscarriage of justice and indicate that old guard just doesn’t get it. There should be a case by case review of these delegates. If there is probably cause to suspect they are infiltrators the existing rule could and should be used to replace them.

    But if the MA-GOP leadership has half a brain, these people will not be replaced with the likes of Jennifer Nassour, Charlie Baker, or any other Liberal Democrat that happens to be registered as a Republican.

  2. Mary

    Well, I for 1 am disgusted & won’t vote 4 any Rs in this election. Yes, GOP knows that it doesn’t matter as far as Mitt goes, since highly unlikely he could ever carry this blue state, but I hope they are happy they’ll lose Brown & all state offices & US House positions. Did you see how they deleted all comments from their Facebook page under Chris Smith reception posting? There were tons of Ron Paul comments (pro RP but not nasty) & mine, commenting on how all the pro aborts in the photos must have had lots to say to prolife hero Chris Smith. Nice…now we are officially the USSA, & it’s from the GOP, not Obama!

  3. Truman North

    Mary, there are still conservatives running, like in the 4th and even a chance to flip an entrentched D over to a moderate R in the 6th.

    The Mass GOP is a symptom of the larger GOP problem. But don’t let that keep you from voting for Senate and your House race, please.

  4. Sherox


    I concur with Truman North. There are good canidates in the 5th, 9th, etc. There are great candidates running all over the state for State Rep & State Senate as well.

    Because when you are a conservative, just because the bathwater’s dirty doesn’t mean that you throw the baby out with it. This election’s too important to be derailed by such stupidity. Find the good candidates, work hard for them, donate to them both your hard earned money & your time. America is worth it.

  5. Mary

    Thanks or the hopeful words. I really don’t think there will be positive change though until the crooks stop running the GOP. Time they learned a lesson. I must vote on principle…
    I am new to MA … 3 years now…been a Republican forever… But I have had enough. When something like 98% of House & Senate can vote for NDAA, support TSA, etc., the answer doesn’t lie with the GOP. And I am not some young RP supporter, but rather a 52 yr old mom, Catholic, supporter of 2nd A & the rest of the Constitution. Maybe if all of you didn’t buy the lies they are selling & keep voting for candidates because they are “better” than the other choice, they would be forced to change? I am very sad for my country and the future of my kids, ages 9 & 14. Thanks for listening.

    Oh Sherox, I did find those I support last election (in other states) & yet they sold out on most important issue like NDAA.

  6. Iron Mike

    Mary, most [not all] politicians including most Democrats are like the common cockroach; – they’re everywhere, they’ll eat almost everything, and they breed furiously.

    But you don’t give up and surrender your food and your house to them. You spray regularly. You keep your food covered, and your house clean. And if you see a new one that has come from outdoors, – you kill it and spray anew.

    Same with politics. The cockroaches are everywhere – looking for something to eat. Keep your food covered and spray regularly.

  7. sam adams

    Iron Mike, Sherox and Truman are right. We have decent and honorable candidates running for Congress in the 4th and the 6th. We need to vote for these conservatives in order to weed out the cockroaches.
    You sound like you’ve been disenfranchised by your own party.
    Join the club, and the rest of us by joining the Massachusetts Republican Assembly – a place conservative Republicans call “HOME”.
    Go to

  8. Caz

    Folks, hate to say it, but this is not a Republican party issue. This is a freedom vs slavery issue where we have globalists attacking the USA from all directions. We are being sacked economically by the rest of the world and our own politicians are privy to this agenda. The USA is the last country where freedom had any influence, and it is being destroyed by politicians, bankers (esp the Fed), and the military complex who are all enjoying big fat bank accounts off of our downfall.

  9. Mary

    For your reading pleasure… 🙂

  10. Iron Mike

    Oh come ON Mary, – do you REALLY want to see Obama re-elected because Ron Paul runs a replay of Ralph Nadar or Ross Perot?

    While Paul makes some sense on economic issues – he is a space cadet on military matters and foreign affairs. He has NO CLUE about the dangers facing us from Islamofascism and Red China. His cluelessness is JUST as DANGEROUS as Obama’s hatred of America.

    And frankly, – I find Ron Paul to be a nasty little gnome.

  11. Mary


    Sorry I caused you to get so upset. But, it’s that kind of attitude that keeps us all from finding common ground…and I do appreciate that you didn’t say more, because I can tell you were really trying hard to restrain yourself. 🙂

    However, I do truly believe that Mittens is not all that different in the end from Obama, and I do believe FREEDOM is the most important issue facing us now. Freedom from a government controlling what we eat, what we can grow, what milk we can buy, whether parents have right to educate their kids without ObamaNazis mandating the details & harassing parents, government killing US citizens without any due process, controlling the Internet, being able to arrest US citizens & imprison them indefinitely without due process (NDAA), being molested by TSA or subjected to naked scanners & radiation, UN permission for US to go to war, UN pushing climate change on us, UN looking to investigate US for everything, govt mandating purchase of health care, govt forcing gy sex ed in schools, laws keeping kids from working on family farms, the Fed controlling us, …I could go on for days here, I think you get the picture. Mitt who supports the NDAA, has supported cap & trade, supports gun control, raises $ at home of Plan B pill CEO, supports gay marriage, etc., is not the answer. He just may slow the damage down, but he’ll still do damage.

    So, please try & understand where I am coming from. I cannot in good conscience vote for Mittens, especially after the dirty tricks here in MA by the GOP. If Obama wins, people will be forced to wake up. Besides, with a company in Spain, responsible for counting OUR votes, who do you think will win? Certainly not who we vote for…

    In freedom & God,


  12. Iron Mike

    No Mary, if Obama wins a second term good people will just give up and give in. Obama will then use his new power [and the Soros vote-counting company] to overturn the 22nd Amendment and you will come to realize what a mistake you made.

    Romney is no prince, and a poor excuse for a Republican – but at least he doesn’t hate our country.