MassGOP RiNOs Dig In Their Heels

Posted March 4th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Folks, I cringe to write this report.  It was a shamefully ugly night.
Clinging to Power

A group of mostly conservative new State Committee critters had filed a petition for a Special Meeting – not unlike a special town meeting.

The issue was to examine certain irregularities which occurred during the vote for our new MassGOP Party Chair on Jan 31st in Natick [see previous report].

The night turned into a debacle – a brawl over which group knew more about Robert’s Rules…  Momma Kangas was at her worst – aided and abetted by Torky and that Agenda 21 snake Vincent DeVito


I needn’t recount the details, just the mood of the room.  The RiNOs were outnumbered – only 55 critters showed up and Kangas was losing procedural votes 32-23,…until even her supporters and allies were openly telling her that resistance was useless.

Barbie IIAS PREDICTED…our new Head Mouseketeer Kirsten Hughes – was ‘unable to attend – due to a conflict with a Quincy City Council Meeting’. 

We warned you this wouldn’t work.  

She’d sent a ‘report’ allegedly answering all the questions of the rebels. It was immediately taken as an airbrushing of the facts, – since key participants of the  31 Jan vote counting had not been interviewed.
Unable to quell

Kangas tried mightily to deflect the rebels and obstruct any progress to resolving the crisis.  Of course her obstruction just made things worse

You have to ask… what it is…about being Vice Chair that is so important to her that she will damage the Republican brand to retain power?

You can be very proud of the rebels!  Their poise and quiet dogged persistence through the myriad jungle of Roberts Rules was impressive, and it finally wore Kangas [an experienced trial lawyer] down. 

Mister Green moves

Mister Green’s motion to establish a special 7-person committee to review the irregularities and recommend improvements – was finally passed, and the meeting adjourned.

I got quickly in Kangas’ and DeVito’s face – asking how their obvious obstructionism had furthered the cause of the Republican Party. Kangas refused to answer me – DeVito gave me a smirk. 

Committeewoman Christine Cedrone of Quincy – a Hughes ally – spent the night objecting to every attempt to get at the truth.  So when I asked her the same question about how her actions had helped the Republican agenda, – she claimed she was ‘protecting the integrity of the by-laws’.

Tonight the rebels won a small victory.  The RiNOs will turn out in greater numbers for the next regular meeting and try to erase tonight’s tiny footsteps forward.  And my State Committee RiNO..?  No, of course he didn’t bother to attend.  No free food

IRONY of the NIGHT: The meeting took place in the Lexington Room – named for the Green where rebellious Patriots stood against imperial tyranny.

12 Responses to “MassGOP RiNOs Dig In Their Heels”

  1. Revolutionary

    One of the first motions put forward was by Angela Davis to have all future voting and voting counting by state committee happen in public with printed ballots to prevent problems. That was a good idea and I am not sure why that was not mentioned or voted on.


    It was a good motion…. I thought the entrenched RiNOs recoiled visibly, – and [as I recall] it never saw a vote because ‘it was outside the scope of the Special Meeting’.

    That tool was used repeatedly throughout the night…. The bastards don’t want to fix anything. They like being able to ‘fix’ votes – as they always have….

  2. Tom

    Voting and procedural irregularities at the MassGOP, what a surprise. It is déjà vu all over again. The RiNOs must be exposed for what they are “elite, establishment, loosers satisfied with the status quo and the 11% registered Republicans rather than those conservatives who cry out for change and new leadership.

    Was Ms Hughes solving the problem with the Quincy City Council of the 15 police officers whose gun permits have yet to be renewed and are being paid to stay home?

  3. Revolutionary

    It does not make sense why the Statecommittee will not allow the voting and balloting to happen in public. Why not? Then everyone can see for themselves how votes are counted. It would AVOID ALL THIS DISTRUST.


    Remember – Momma Kangas repeatedly refused to allow video taping or cameras….

    The insiders like their ‘secret society’….

  4. Proud Republican

    The actions of certain members of the State Committee were disgraceful. The members that called the meeting made it absolutely clear that they were NOT disputing the election results but rather looking to address issues so that the Committee can move forward. This was not a witch hunt.

    It made me sick to see Committee member after Committee member do everything in their power to squash discussion and debate. How can anyone who cares about the future of our Party not want to allow discussion about making the process more transparent?

    I, for one, will be working hard to remove and replace those Committee members who are against cleaning up the system.

  5. Casey Chapman

    It’s amazing, isn’t it? That those who want to adhere to the Constitution, and get rid of irregularities, are called REBELS. To mis-quote the wicked witch of the west:”What a world, what a world.”

  6. politicalmadman

    My grandmother always said ” If you tell the truth, you will never have to remember tnpche lies, and who you told them too” .

  7. sad4magop

    Look up the by-laws on line and you will realize that Kangas hasn’t a clue. She repeatedly talked about the fact that a Special Meeting was restricted to the reason provided by the petitioners. Not true.

    The MA GOP by-laws clearly state that at a Special Meeting that the body can in fact take up “any other business that properly comes before it”. Does ANYBODY on the MA GOP, from Devito to Kangas to the Chair know what the hell they are talking about? Last night there was talk of a new bumber sticker: “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for R.G.”

  8. ladyliberty

    Devito needs to resign. He has to many conflict of issues and ethics issues. Devito needs to seriously consider switching to Democrat. He acts like one with all his agenda 21 issues he loves to support!

  9. Alan Linkevich

    Why can’t we identify them as Libertarians. RINO just sounds ugly.


    Hell Bro, I wish they were ‘Libertarians’….

    They’re actually fake Republicans – i.e. Democrats in disguise…

  10. Lonnie Brennan

    Love the posting folks.

    I made it a point to be obnoxious during the Maginn cycle of chairman election campaign to try to videotape a meeting, to the point where DeVito threatened me with arrest! It was a total howl. I loved it. And, I pointed out that I would gladly put my camera away if he would PROMISE NOT TO CONTINUE BREATHING HIS BOOZE-BREATH ON ME. What a creep that guy is. BOOZE and glassy eyes at the BEGINNING OF A MEETING!! Reeked to high heaven!

    Well, my efforts worked (pissed off some state committee folks, but it worked), they agreed to go back to the days of old and allow a camera in the room. VIOLA: no one would even believe how stupid these folks are. Video is damning.

    The handwriting is on the wall…..either the Republican party dies with these clowns, or more of these losers get voted off.

  11. Ben

    I’m glad to see some progress was made at the meeting last night. I’m guessing the reason many of the RINO’s weren’t there was they were too busy trying to figure out how their Obama-lover Gomez almost came in last in the weekend straw poll that they organized for him.

  12. Jim Buba

    I took enough notes to write a two-thousand word essay, but either the Cliff Note or ‘Robert’s Rules for Dummies’ version might better serve the day.

    First things first:

    is the Quincy City Council website, which prominently and factually states that the Council meets on the first and third Mondays every month. It is quite obvious, without notable objection, that Chairwoman Hughes; tasked with scheduling the Special Meeting, either never intended to attend. Of course, she may have been counseled to do so and given Committee Legal Counsel DeVito’s et al propensity for control, it is most likely to be the case.

    There is a slim chance that it was a simple oversight… NOT!

    The meeting called to order with fifty-six committee members answering the first call and two arriving late for fifty-eight. Without free food, it punctuates the need for replacing sixteen or twenty (16 or 20) of the members that did not attend. Those with legitimate reasons may well point back to the ‘simple oversight’ mentioned above… NOT!

    The plain truth is that they don’t care. For that reason, they must be evicted and replaced.

    The imbroglio Mike mentioned was almost a snoozer. If it weren’t for the raucous exchange, it would have been just that. I suppose being on the side of Truth, Justice and the American Way helped to keep me awake.

    The Vice Chair remained calm, that bit of the ‘seasoned and experienced attorney’ showing through well enough. However, she erroneously permitted distraction and interruption, in a feigned attempt to maintain order, which was sorely lacking. I can say this because her permissiveness was one-sided; in favor of the Old Guard if you will. They want no part of any rules or by-laws change or amendment, because it would cede power.

    Can’t have any of that, now can we?

    They bickered, they diced, they sliced, parry and thrust, but the opposition came up losing every time. The kudos to Mr. Gilchrest for hanging tough. Awards for Best Supporting Member goes to Mr. Aylward and a cast of fives helping to stifle by rule, the opposition’s complaint. The funniest parts included a reading of the By-Laws and Rules by the Vice Chair and Parliamentarian, which were quite clear against their cause, but that did not stop them from trying to bamboozle the Committee.

    The Award for Best Supporting Committeewoman goes to Dracut’s Sheila Richardson, who almost single-handedly silenced the opposition’s female tyrants with her matter-of-fact acknowledgement of the solution; offered by Committeeman Green, on the table. Surely nobody wanted to have to hold a Special Meeting, but once done; and by rule, it should have been quite easily navigated even by the most inexperienced Rules monkeys.

    It was easily done, with deference to the ‘legality according to the By-Laws’ still hanging in the breeze, but I believe I understood the reading of the By-law by the Vice Chair and found nothing in Mr. Green’s motion or the intent of the committee so formed in those words. Thus, Strike Two goes towards Ms. Kangas. It was a cherished moment when she was joined at the podium by the former Congressman to read a passage of Robert’s Rules. However, that was quickly set aside by Mr. Gilchrest’s insistence over the prevailing and correct rule in question.

    Nearly everyone was having a ‘WTF’ moment by then. For me, Ms. Richardson’s mention of her outrage and insult over the Massachusetts National Committeeman’s and Woman’s endorsement of newly minted Chairwoman, Kirsten Hughes prior to the January vote. It seems that Healy and Kauffman were joined by Republican National Chairman, Priebus, in this effort and wanted to know who the hell paid for it as well as what the hell it was they were thinking as they signed their names.

    Soon, there will be a neutral Counsel of Seven to discuss the items on the agenda and recommend changes, re-writes and modifications to the Committee post haste.

    I’m still wondering why openness, clear and honest elections and election processes would bring about such a stiff opposition from the Old Guard. I have one of them in Lowell, who attempted to explain her offense over my use of the label ‘Old Guard’. You see, she claims that the Old Guard knows how to run campaigns and win elections.

    Really? From where I sit, the Old Guard is responsible for the near elimination of the GOP from the Massachusetts Legislature. Top-down politics does not work. Even the new Chair admitted that during her campaign. Perhaps that is why some of the Old Skeptical Guard didn’t go the extra mile when they cast thief vote for Hughes in January.

    There you have it. In summary, it will become the next campaign slogan: ‘Sixteen in Sixteen’ to represent those left or hold-overs that must be replaced before they drop their GOP pacifiers into the toilet of political doom and flush.

    Jim Buba
    Lowell, MA