MassGOP Housecleaning March 1st

Posted February 16th, 2016 by Iron Mike

If you consider yourself a Patriot,  a Conservative,  and/or a Republican in Massachusetts,  – READ THIS BLOG ENTRY!  Then share it with your neighbors.
Dump the MassGOP RiNOs
It happens every 4 years – the Presidential Preference Primary;…and along with it some other elections most folk know nothing about.

BACKGROUND:  In almost every state political parties are regulated by law – which makes about as much sense as having religions regulated by law….

…it happened as a response to Teddy Roosevelt bolting the Republican Party to form his Bull Moose Party.

That scared the crap out of the establishment hacks – very much the way Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are upsetting their respective party hacks today…

In Massachusetts each party must have a State Committee – composed of 1 man and 1 woman elected from each of our 40 state senate districts.

They are all up for re-election on March 1st , – so your primary ballot has more names on it than just the presidential candidates, – and the future of Republicanism in our Commonwealth is very much at stake!

THE UGLY TRUTH: It has taken Democrats here decades, but they have fully infiltrated our MassGOP to the point where it is a dirty joke. We’ve been writing about it for years on RRB, – pointing out the feckless leadership and the tiny cabal of FAKE REPUBLICANS led by Chocolate Pants [Ron Kaufman] – who are all either RiNOs or actual Democrats.

THE FIGHT TO RECLAIM: It began back when Jeff Beatty was running against Lurch in 2008, and Republicans and Conservatives suddenly noticed that many ‘establishment Republicans’ were working to sabotage Jeff’s campaign – spreading rumors that his medals and combat injuries were phony.

Suddenly the MassGOP phonies were fully exposed.  Although Beatty eventually lost – mostly because Lurch was re-elected in the Obama sweep,  Jeff did begin to organize the conservative revolt.

THE LONG FIGHT: In many ways – certainly the way the RiNOs do it – being a State Committee Critter is a near-anonymous, thankless, unpaid, [self-funded], and do-nothing rubber-stamp job.

NO! It shouldn’t be that way, – but remember that the Democrat Party here wants no organized or effective opposition.


They like electing losers like Dukakis and Deval Patrick,  and inept and corrupt state officials like Bill Galvin, Martha Coakley,  and Suzanne Bump.   That’s exactly why they had their operatives infiltrate the MassGOP – to neuter it.

In 2012 the Conservative Uprising had some success,  and came very close to obtaining a 41-vote majority.  But not quite….

Yet even without 41 votes, – sometimes the Reformers were able to stop and outvote RiNO bullshit – because many old RiNOs don’t show up for the quarterly meetings,  – particularly in cold or rainy weather… There have been small victories….

Now – in just 2 weeks – real Republicans and Patriots get another chance – and there are worthy conservatives in almost every race.  It has been yeoman work to find folks willing to run;  – remember it’s an unpaid and self-funded 4-year job – and real work if done right.


…in addition to your Presidential Preference,…there should be both a slate of local citizens running for election to your Town or City committee….

…AND…the names of the candidates – 1 man and 1 woman – for State Committee.

For GOD’S SAKE,…please vote for the reformers…..

…after all,…aren’t you embarrassed and humiliated to be represented in the US Senate by the Squaw and the Ice Cream Man,…knowing they’ll vote unquestioningly for whoever Obama or Hillary [or Sanders] nominates to the Supreme Court…?

Aren’t you sick and tired of having a do-nothing MassGOP which remains hidden and mute on issues like our open southern border, Muslim immigrants being dumped into our cities, gun control, abortion, the murder of police officers, and the racist actions of Obama’s Just-US Department?

Do you even know WHO are the leaders of the Massachusetts Republicans?   Why not,…unless they’re kept their mouths obediently SHUT and their heads DOWN?!?

Aren’t you sick of their corrupt insider conventions…?

MassGOP Back Room

Here is a pretty complete list of who is running in your State Senate District – and why certain people represent the continued demise of the Republican party in Massachusetts,  – and who will stand up to dump the RiNOs.

Reformer List from MARA

We can thank Patriot Lonnie Brennan and the Conservative group MARA for putting it together.  While I don’t know all the individuals on it,  – I am VERY familiar with many – both the RiNOs [damn them] and the Reformers…. The list is valid!

Middlesex & WorcesterAnd if you live in the any of the 14 towns of the Middlesex and Worcester District [JamieBoy Eldridge is your State Senator] – PLEASE VOTE OUT Kangas and Burketwo of the most back-stabbing RiNOs on the MassGOP State Committee.

Remember, if you are registered to vote as “No Party” [often called ‘unenrolled’ and often wrongly called ‘independent’] – please ask for a Republican Ballot on March 1st – and help us clean out the RiNO infestation.

CLEARING UP the Misunderstanding:  There are many political parties registered with the Secretary of State in Massachusetts,….and most of them have just a handful of followers….

BUT a great misunderstanding exists among the uninformed voters about “No Party”,  – “Unenrolled”,  – and “Independent”. 

Democrats are happy to have you confused.

There is an Independent political party in Massachusetts,  – and people who wrote that down when they registered – thinking they were saying “I’m not in any political party, – I’m independent damn-it!” – mistakenly placed themselves in that Independent Party…

– and they cannot vote in either a Republican or Democrat primary…. Oops!

Sorry, it’s too late now to change it for March 1st….

Here is a Town-by-Town List of the Reform Candidates.

UPDATE:  Friday, 19 Feb 2016   WoW! Even the left-leaning Globe smells Baker’s dirty fingerprints….

Usually the Globe ignores Republican party politics….but now they need to distract readers from the Sanders-Hillary blood fight….

As if this wasn’t enough dirt on Baker’s fingers….

10 Responses to “MassGOP Housecleaning March 1st”

  1. Sherox

    Because this is the ultimate political insider’s “job” and many have no idea what a State Committee does I will explain it here as I have heard it so nicely stated. The State Committee is the board of directors for each political party and the job of the committee person is to grow the party from the bottom up.

  2. Jeff Wallens

    I attribute many of the problems on the State Committee to incompetence rather than evil- but either way it is an intolerable situation. The treatment of Mark Fisher was both expensive and embarrassing. The treatment of the Ronald Regan delegation in the caucus for the national convention four years ago turned off many young people- people we badly need in the party. The state committee chair election that happened about three years ago- the one with Rick Green- was also an embarrassment.

    The Groton Republican Town Committee is having all four candidates for State Committee from our district at our â??Candidateâ??s Nightâ? on Thursday February 18th at 7 PM at the Senior Center at 163 West main Street in Groton. Both our current State Committee Man and State Committee Woman are not running, and we have a choice between two men and two women. Our district includes the city of Lowell and the towns of Dunstable, Groton, Pepperell, Tyngsborough and Westford. Particularly if you are in the district (but even if you are not) feel free to come. We will even feed you.

  3. sad4magop

    For those who want to bring down the corrupt Republican Establishment that is the MA GOP, visit All State Committee races, by State Senate district, are handicapped there. And spread the word!

  4. Catherine

    MARA does some great work – thanks for the link, Iron Mike!

  5. corsair1021

    We really need to see all the backroom antics end. The grassroots needs to be represented, not shut out. We want state committee people who stand on their own feet and are not led by the nose and told what to do. We don’t want puppets.

  6. JimBuba

    It is a simple as 1-2-3

    Many of us have received the letter from the governor and/or Lt governor proclaiming support for State Committee candidates or incumbents.

    Apply the Golden Rule: If Baker and/or Polito are for them, vote against them.

    In districts where the incumbent is un-opposed, shoot a question to one of us; me, RRB or other credible source and we’ll shoot an answer back ASAP.

    It is sad to state; again, that the Republicans in Massachusetts do not know anything about the State Committee. Politics is a local thing, and by not participating (or being invited, this ploy used by the RINOs and infiltrators to gain power and CHANGE THE RULES) we are left to flap in the wind with those that smile brightly, and stab us in the back.

  7. sad4magop

    It is a constant with these people. Change the rules at the 2012 caucuses and screw legitimate grassroots delegates, try to cheat in the Kirsten Hughes election, try to take away the district caucuses in 2016 – it is always the same. Now comes Charlie. Kids are still dying in DCF, the T still sucks, welfare fraud is worse than ever, and his focus is to destroy the grassroots. He will pay a huge political price for this – bigger than he can ever imagine.

  8. Mary Lou Daxland

    Just received in the mail the mailer from the Baker Team. stating that my opponent ” has the experience to build the Republican Party.”
    WHAT EXPERIENCE???? She has never been to a Republican Town Committee meeting in 8 years. Has no record in town helping anyone get elected. BUT she is on record for giving donations to Democrat Candidates when there is a Republican in the race. 2013 and 2014 she gave to Carole Fiola Democrat when Republican David Steinhof ran for State Rep.

    The Baker Team did not do their homework as it is against State Committee Rules to support Democrats.

    My opponent has not been to a town meeting in over THREE YEARS and did not attend one of the most controversial town meeting on December 1, 2015 when over 450 people attended.

    This is the what the Baker Team calls Experience….You have no track record helping a Republican get elected BUT you give MONEY to the Democrats. SORRY CHARLIE, I smell Democrat infiltration here…..

    1ST BRISTOL AND PLYMOUTH VOTE MARY LOU DAXLAND for State Committeewoman Conservative Principle First not Last.

  9. sad4magop

    How well has the Party done since Baker became Governor? They barely held the Beaton seat. We are down a Rep in Leah Cole, and it seems unlikely Peach can beat Walsh in that special. And we are down a Senate seat. If there were significant GAINS in local elections, nobody is aware of them. Because there were not. With a Presidential year looming, they may well lose more seats. Do not forget also that they doled out a quarter million to Fisher. If it is possible, Baker may even leave the Party in worse shape than Weld.

  10. Joshua Norman

    Hi Mike, I’m going to have to disagree with whomever put Tom Mountain as the “Hero Man” for the First Middlesex & Norfolk District (Newton, Brookline & Precincts A, C, D, E & H of Wellesley). I’m the only principled conservative running for State Committee Man in my district.

    Tom Mountain let the Log Cabin Gay Republicans speak at the Newton RCC, gave them an introductory lead in to warm up the crowd and took a picture with their director. I have support from the more conservative and reform-oriented members of my community.