MassGOP Debate Tonight In Georgetown

Posted January 12th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The pathetic MassGOP Mouseketeer is being challenged by a REAL Republican.   There’s a debate tonight.   Will she even show up?

Kirsten Hughes is our Fake Republican – Chair of the MassGOP – now up for her 3rd term….(shudder).  Steve Aylward of Watertown wants to unseat her and rebuild our Party.

I know BOTH of them…..

Briefly,….I am proud to know Steve – and call him friend and fellow campaigner.  A true gentleman,  – a true Republican, and a long-time and tireless worker for our Constitution and the taxpayers of our state….

Kirsten is a sad and much different story,…and a total disgrace to every concept and value we call Republicanism….

She claims to be an attorney, – but has proven herself unethical on major issues… (Who brings a shredder to a convention…?)

She is oddly both an elitist and yet very insecure – hates the TEA Party,…and avoids talking to rank & file Republicans.

She is a former Disney singer,  and still craves TV cameras – without being prepared with a Republican message.

She flaunts and advertises herself,  – not our Party’s values – chiefly because she doesn’t hold our values….

She is pro-abortion,  anti-gun,  and was during 2016 conspicuously anti-Trump.

Even today the MassGOP website has NOTHING about Trump….

UNDERSTAND THE EMBEDDED EVIL:   What Steve is trying to unseat is far more than just one empty-headed Disney singer….

She’s just the public figurehead for the RiNO Cartel – run by Ron Kaufman, Mitt Romney, Charlie Baker, Bill Weld and a whole host of lesser scumbags who pretend to be Republicans, – but all manage to make a living with a government paycheck.

It’s the chief reason all NINE (9) of our Congress-vermin are Democrats, and our two senator are national embarrassments….

.and why state employees all seem to retire early – on disability – then move to Florida….

We’ve never had the MassGOP put out a statewide REPUBLICAN message, – ever!

Kirsten may not show.  She’s been telling people ‘she has enough RiNO votes – she doesn’t need to make the trip…’…

WHO GETS TO VOTE?    The 80 members of the State Committee – 1 man and 1 woman from each State Senate District.   Many have been there for decades,  – some so old they don’t use computers….

CALL your 2 Committee critters – tell them to vote for Steve!


7 PM Flatbread Company Hwy 133 Georgetown – TONIGHT!

8 Responses to “MassGOP Debate Tonight In Georgetown”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    As a 12-year escapee from the nonsense in Massatwoshits, I wish you guys much luck with this debate….

  2. Jim Gettens

    To say that I am not a Chanel Prunier fan is an understatement, but she got it right in “The Boston Broadside” explaining what the MassGOP State Committee Wars are all about.


    The perennial issue is whether the MassGOP will fund Republican candidates for the Massachusetts House and Senate, and statewide offices such as Attorney General and Treasurer, or spend everything on RINO Frauds, such as Charles D. Baker, Jr., running for Governor.

    Baker and his cronies have spent well over $1 million
    on MassGOP State Committee contests in the last year or so, money that could have been spent supporting Republicans running for State House seats. That just demonstrates that Baker and his cronies are arrogant, self-serving PRICKS–but, of course, we knew that.

    I’ve propounded the $$$ solution for years: Donate to the individual CANDIDATES OF YOUR CHOICE, NEVER to MassGOP.

  3. Bocephus

    Lookup your state committee members at

  4. Jim Buba

    Steve will be alone as the opposition is playing the Baker Card and may have a conflict in scheduling that prevents her participation in any debate.

    Wouldn’t want her to ruin a good record of dodging any and all issues and questions, now would you?

  5. Patrick

    When does the vote take place?

  6. Sylvester

    The Chair election is January 25th snow date January 26th.
    at the Marriot in Newton.

    We need to call and e-mail all our SC members and tell them that Kirsten has to go……. Remind your SC members that if they continue to vote with and for the establishment hacks that are running the MASSGOP that you will vote against them in 2020!!!!

  7. sad4magop

    Bring an envelope full of cash if you want their vote. That is the only thing our bought and paid for Republican State Committee people seem to understand. They’d sell their Grandma for a job, a judgeship, or even just ride on a golf cart.

  8. Mt Woman

    Was the debate held or cancelled due to conflict on the schedule of Ms Hughes. My under is that it was cancelled. I tried speaking with my town committeeman/woman with no success. Sadly, MA is doomed and stagnant. MA will be a liberal cesspool with no hope for change on into the future. We certainly have no plan or vision for growing the GOP and policies in the State. MA only has self-serving bureaucrats who plan to continue business as usual in order to fill their pockets with money and power.