MassGOP Commits Suicide In Natick

Posted January 31st, 2013 by Iron Mike

Tonight should have been the rebirth of our resurgent 21st Century Republican State Party.
Kirsten Elected

That didn’t happen. The 1970s RiNOs prevailed – just 41 of them, [just over half the assembled committee critters] – elected Party Chair Barbie II – aka the Disney Singer – as your new MassGOP Chair. 

Bob Maginn got a silver bowl – we got the mouseketeer…

With their vote, the last hopes of Republicans in this Commonwealth – died!  New mother Kirsten Hughes of Quincy is your new Chairwoman.

Scott Brown will be thrilled. He gets his hands on the near $400 K in the Mass Victory Fund.

But the rest of the Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, Independents, TEA Party activists and Constitutional Democrats across our state see the handwriting on the wall.

Scott’s MassGOP will not be ‘Republican’ in any sense. That promised 41st Vote – now belongs to Harry Reid, Barack Obama,  – and eventually to Hillary Clinton.

We at RRB are deeply saddened to write this report. The Special Election to replace Lurch will be a mockery – whether Scott runs – or someone else does. Come 2014, the state-wide races will still be handicapped by a lack of a clear Republican Message and Platform.

NOTHING WILL CHANGE!  No new Republicans will be enrolled, no new regional offices opened, no new Town Committees gotten off the ground.  Enrollment will continue to dwindle…

The MassGOP website will remain inert, dormant, and a joke for all to see. The MassGOP will stay mute as outrage after atrocity are perpetrated upon our citizens. Who will dare speak up – the giggling Disney singer?

Folks, there are honorable and truly worthy patriotic Republicans everywhere across our state. 

You will have to find them, encourage them to run for office, fund them, and work for them.  Don’t expect help from Merrimac Street, – Mom will be busy changing diapers and working for Scott. 

Above all, this is the time we must decide to starve the RiNOs.  DO NOT FEED THE RiNOs!  Don’t send them ANY MONEY!  Next Chair election is January 2015, if there’s anybody left to care.


The party insiders were startled by how many activists were packing the back of the room.  They had actually ordered a 4-man police detail ‘to keep order’.

The basic meeting was standard MassGOP format – i.e. a ritual waste of time to an accompanying butchery of Roberts Rules…

When the time came, Hughes spoke in excruciating details about herself; – Green about where he wants to take the Party.  She received polite [tepid] applause, – he got a standing O.

To any grownup in the room it was no contest…

When the vote was finally conducted  – it came back Hughes winning 39/38 with 3 ‘no votes’.  That was challenged as a ballot was determined to have been marked R G…Duh!

A second ballot produced the 41/39 victory for Hughes.


When the 80 Committee people were elected last March – too many of the 1970s crew managed to be re-elected.  Some of them are just fossiles, – but others are…for sale [cheap]!

41-39 is a squeaker of a victory [I might say a mouse squeak] but it dooms our Party

It’s now the Scott Brown RiNO Party, and I think Steven Lynch can beat him easily.

Why?  Because those hard-charging activists in the back of the room are thoroughly disgusted with Brown, – and tonight’s show of old guard intransigence just further embittered them.
Behind the Rope

Me? My heart hurts for my Party, for my Republican friends, and for this once-proud state.

Watch this unseemly display of so-called ‘Republicans’ acting like Democrats…

The woman in the white jacket is Vice-Chair Jeanne ‘Momma’ Kangas – allegedly an attorney from Boxborough.

24 Responses to “MassGOP Commits Suicide In Natick”

  1. Lonnie Brennan

    Yes, good advice:
    donate directly any small bit of time and coin that you can to
    bold, decisive, conservative candidates of your choice

  2. Christobal

    I am voting for Lynch. He is the real conservative in the room.

  3. Jim Buba

    Ok, the warm fuzzy part: We’ve still got Green and 38 committeemen and women that know the score. With Rick comes Mass Fiscal, which is one place you can easily contribute with instructions on a large scale. Mass Fiscal is doing the hard work that is otherwise undone.

    The cold prickly part:

    And there you have it. I’m on record as non-negative and supportive of the cause. I will take this time to ask everybody to shore up the states under fire. TX, FL and OH with PA in tow, need our help. It is important to assist, guide and support our life lines. They are sure to be attacked… unless of course Al Qaeda comes first.

    That last bit will be the answer to our prayers, pretty much like WWII was to FDR. Don’t want it, but it may be necessary as the drumbeats of war grow louder and after yesterday’s muhajadeen threat, a lot closer than you think.

    Sharpen your bayonets.


  4. Tom

    Will Kirsten Hughes reach out to the town and city committes throughout the state? Her predecessors made no effort and it is doubtful that she will either. The dinosaurs that still control the Mass GOP are solely responsible for the demise of the Party and they have demonstrated time and time again that they are very happy with the status quo. Ask yourself the question, who is more conservative Steve Lynch or Scott Brown?

  5. Rabid Republican

    Last night Iron Mike and I watched as the MassGOP went under severe strain to make itself look like a credible party. They buckled. The various representatives, and we’ll never know who they were, voted to maintain the status quo. Because it’s working so well. Ask Romney. Ask Brown. Ask so many that have failed in Massachusetts. The state GOP does not want help from grass roots. The GOP has their own way of doing things. Don’t get in the way.

    Ms. Hughes has committed to a Unity Summit. I’m fairly certain that we won’t be invited. Her version of unity will include non-controversial folk that won’t strain her image.

    As for me, last night was the final straw. I stopped donating to the MassGOP years ago. I may donate again, just once, so that I can stop again. It’ll feel good. rr

  6. TeaTime

    Nothing unexpected here. The GOP is dead, especially in this state. The Constituion was a compact entered into by these States giving away limited powers. The federal government has reneged on the terms. If a third party does nto arise, states will have no other choice but to re-establish their own sovereignty.

    Something has to give. But I won’t give anything more to the corrupt, unprincipled, self-serving, establishement politicians. I am John Galt.

  7. Lisa

    Never Ever donate to the GOP in this state. The Mass GOP does not care about local town elections. They should support those who decide to step up to the plate and run in their town. Whether it be School Committee, Planning Board, Selectmen. Donate directly to the candidate. Volunteer directly with the candidate. Bypass the GOP and some of the RINO RTC’s. You want change, do it your self. This Mass GOP might as well be liberal democrats! Nothing changes if nothing changes. No wonder there are more unenrolled voters in this state!

  8. Sam Adams

    It doesn’t matter anymore.
    The MassGOP made itself irrelevant in 2010. Soon, it will be broke and will collapse of its own dead weight.
    Shore up the base in your own city/town and recruit loyal conservatives to run for every seat available.
    Ignore the elites. They’ll die without the sunshine of your love, and the sooner the better.
    Be a proud Republican, define your principles everywhere, live your beliefs, and give every dime you can afford to your local candidate.

  9. Sheryl

    Im not sure we will live long enough for a third party to be organized… Unified. I can’t say I’m shocked at what happened last night.. The establishment repubs/rino’s still outnumber the conservatives who are involved … Most conservatives are discouraged with rhino-land and have succeeded from the state GOP! our best and only shot for 2014 and beyond is the rising of a new organization statewide! I think in short order the grassroots organization of the Massachusetts Conservative Assembly will give new hope to conservatism in Mass! I will not be feeding the Rino’s!!! I will NOT be supporting Scott Brown and especially here on Cape Cod I will not be supporting mini me with CCRC!!! It’s time to be out with the old and in with the new!!!

  10. Walter Knight

    Good grief, you act like the Merry Mad Rodent and his Mickey Mouse Club has taken over the Republican Party.

    Being conservative isn’t defined by the abortion issue. National security, fighting crime, and the economy are much more important than saving crack babies. Single issue Republicans are the problem.


    Walter, you’re a witty guy in many ways…

    BUT,…you don’t live anywhere near Massachusetts,…you live in another Communist Commune.

    AND,…I find your continued outspoken indifference to aborted babies – like calling them ‘crack babies’ – obnoxious and repugnant. Please keep this in mind in future postings.

  11. Ben

    Before I give my opinion on the results of last night, I just wanted to let you know something about the first vote that ended in a tie. In a post on Red Mass Group, it was explained that besides the R.G. vote that almost was not counted there were 2 ballots that were marked, one for each person, but they were thrown out. The Green vote thrown out was done with a sharpie and was almost illegible and the Hughes vote was written very lightly and again almost illegible. Of course, if those votes were counted, it still would have been a 40-40 tie.

    This makes what happened last night even worse because this means there was a judas who stabbed Green in the back and handed Hughes the election on the second vote.

    The bottom line is the 41 elitlists who are responsible for this continue to show their utter disdain for anyone who does not go along with their Democrat-lite approach. However, there are still many great people in the GOP who are as disapointed as we are.

    I went on both candidates website’s and printed out their endorsement pages and I suggest you do too to use as a guide for knowing who you should support and who not to support. Support those who stood with us and give them your time and money.

    Don’t give the state GOP and those responsible for this another dime. They are not worthy.

  12. Lonnie Brennan

    Trust me, the endorsement list and more will FOREVER be archived and available at

  13. Ben

    Lonnie, I wasn’t talking about just the state committee members. I meant everyone. All the elected officials, former elected officials, all of them. As far as the handful of state rep’s who stayed out of the race, I’ll look at each of them on a case-by-case basis in terms of if I’ll support them going forward.

  14. Virginia Neill

    This part of the blog bothers me:

    “NOTHING WILL CHANGE! No new Republicans will be enrolled, no new regional offices opened, no new Town Committees gotten off the ground. Enrollment will continue to dwindle…”

    Why won’t conservatives continue to work in their cities and towns? Isn’t this the best way to reform the party?

    The chairman doesn’t really do city or town level recruituing anyway, that is up to town chairs and ward captains. I think we should soldier on.

    In theory you are correct Virginia.

    But right now – today – Republicans, Conservatives, and the core of the TEA Party is so disgusted with what calls itself ‘Republican’ in this state – those 41 lame wussy bastards last night – – that the very name ‘Republican’ is tarnished. That’s why you hear folks wishing we had a 3rd party to get behind.

    The Boston / Merrimac Street / insider crowd has sold us out so many times… It will take some doing to re-burnish our brand and sharpen our swords.

  15. lisa

    Some city and local town chairs don’t bother even with local city and town elections. Its left up to every day citizens to do their jobs. Its sad really. But the citizens will carry on without the GOP or local RTC’s.

  16. Lonnie Brennan

    Downloadable as a pdf from the Chair race page, or listed on their own pages.
    but the actual link will change when we re-do the whole site later this year (big makeover planned, lot of votes to be posted….)

  17. Walter Knight

    I have penty of family (Thayers) from Braintree, Massachusetts, so I have a special interest in the North East.

    What I find obnoxious and repubnant is giving up on the Republican Party just because the mojority of its members are not single issue voters. Let’s not dance around the the main issue in many of our internal debates. Abortion rights is not a conservative / liberal issue, and certainly does not outweigh important real issues like national security, appointing conservative judges to fight crime, and the economy.

    Abortion rights is personal, and an issue that crosses party lines. The liberals successfully use abortion as a wedge to divide America even further.

    You blame Boston, I blame Seattle, but most people live conservative lives and have conservative values, in spite of how they vote. Calling people Rhinos or ‘caffeteria republicans’ just because you disagree with them on ONE issue does not help or make our party stronger, it causes harm.

    That’s as witty as I can get today. I’ve seen the same thing at the county level out here on the Left Coast in Washington, where elections are still close.

  18. Michael

    I understand how the Rick Green people feel. But if Rick Green got elected even though I supported Kirsten, I would have been behind Rick Green 100% if he won. The party in Mass needs to unite no matter who won. If we stay divided the Democrats will keep winning here in Mass, your taxes will keep going up and corruption in these state agencies will keep happening and it will only get worse. We need to unite as a party and stop fighting with each other and show these Democrats that they can’t divide us and start dividing them kick their butts in upcoming elections.

  19. Lonnie Brennan


    Yes, I understand your point, but simply choose to encourage folks to donate their time (the most precious commodity) and what little coin they may have DIRECTLY to a candidate of his/her choosing.

    The MessGOP has consistently shown that it can waste time and money and can’t even vote properly. My suggestion is to keep it at arms length for now, give Kirsten a fair chance to straighten it out, but spend the bulk of your time supporting candidates DIRECTLY who deserve your passion, time and coin.

    No ill will directed towards anyone.

    I maintain, as evidenced once again on Thurs.


  20. Scott

    Abortion quickly becomes a conservative issue when my taxes are paying for it

  21. Iron Mike

    Michael, – I think you missed the entire point of the Chair Election. It was NOT about either Rick Green or Kirsten Hughes…

    It WAS about breaking from the past – away from DECADES of what has been proven NOT TO WORK.

    Hughes represents the Merrimac Street / Boston insiders. Every time she recited her accomplishments – it was ALL MERRIMAC STREET.

    Green was a fresh face – AND a man who BUILT a business.

    There aren’t any ‘Green people’ out here – only fed-up Republicans who want to blow up Merrimac Street and start fresh. But the old Guard prevailed – by one treasonous vote…

    And the NEXT DAY – their ‘hero‘ Scott Brown phoned in sick…

  22. Ben

    Iron Mike, you hit it right on the head at the end of your comment. They prevailed by one treasonous vote. Green had 40 and then someone became a Judas and gave Hughes the win. I would love to find out who it was so we can expose them for the fraud they are.

  23. Iron Mike

    The saddest part Ben, for all of our state, – is that it should never NEVER have been a close vote.

    But little minds [aka piss ants] think they’re holding onto ‘power and influence’.

    Scott Brown’s withdrawal [aka running away from the fight] the VERY NEXT AFTERNOON blows all their exaggerated expectations out their ass! He knew on Thursday – could have made his announcement before the vote.

    Maybe he was expecting a love-fest; he should have known better. He had very few supporters behind that rope.

    It has been darkly hilarious watching the insiders scramble for candidates today – ‘maybe Ann Romney,…maybe Tagg Romney…’. Nothing says ‘decades of abject failure’ like a Boston pundit suggesting that Ann Romney take up this race.