MassGOP Chair BLOWS Another Chance

Posted November 3rd, 2018 by Iron Mike

If ONLY this Charlie FAKER Toady was a Republican,  – but alas,  she’s not even close.  AND she’s so out of touch she doesn’t know the different Jewish groups in Massachusetts – or nationwide.

Instead of engaging and explaining the TRUTH about Republican Values to these misguided young useful idiots,  MassGOP Chair Kirsten Hughes had them ARRESTED.   Perfect photo-op for the Democrats,  – and Kirsten made it happen – right on cue!

Kirsten has always been chiefly concerned on how she looked for photo-ops,  – so being kept up-to-date on issues like the divisions within the various Massachusetts Jewish Groups is of little interest to her….

She could not possibly have imagined how a massacre at a synagogue in Pittsburgh might land on her doorstep.   But it did.

And thus she was totally UNREADY to demonstrate either POISE or LEADERSHIP.

There they were – sitting in her lobby – a CAPTIVE AUDIENCE….

…but instead of engaging them, Kirsten had them arrested….

The 80 members (40 men : 40 women – one each from each State Senate District) should be thinking about a NO CONFIDENCE VOTE – and move to oust her and install someone who is a REAL REPUBLICAN – and someone who can THINK!

And Massachusetts Republicans better think hard about DUMPING the 40-some FUCKING RiNOS who infest our State Committee….   THEY are the ones who elected and re-elected this treasonous wasted sperm.

Hat Tip: Len – the Unwashed Conservative

4 Responses to “MassGOP Chair BLOWS Another Chance”

  1. Jim Buba

    Under the Sea… (Hit it!)

  2. Clinton ma Tea party

    All the blame of the Massachusetts GOP turning into a liberal Democrat wasteland is all the fault of Kaufman and the rest. My God if you asked anyone today what political party Baker is in they would say Republican in name only and Baker legislate as a Far left liberal.
    Ploss made sure to do her job to take out Lively. Deihl will make sure to turn on President Trump if he gets in as senator. Deihl stands with Baker never forget that. Once again the voters in Massachusetts have no say in this twisted election. Has anyone noticed President Trump does not come to Massachusetts to push for Deihl? Trump knows he is in with Kauffman, Baker, Romney, and the Bushes.

  3. Tim Murphy

    I respectfully disagree that Diehl would turn on President Trump if elected. It might hurt rather than help Diehl in an extremely progressive state like this if President Trump were to campaign for him here. Additionally, most of the folks here working for or donating to the Diehl campaign would not turn out for him again in six years if he were to turn on President Trump.

  4. Kojack

    CLINTON MA TEA PARTY – What the fuck have you been smoking while drinking your KOOL-AID and lounging under your rock?!?!?

    Geoff is one of a handful of up-standing conservatives on BACON HILL with the accomplishments to show for it against OVERWHELMING ODDS! THAT’S CALLED A TRACK RECORD.

    He was also the 1st prominent politician to endorse Trump in ’16 and he won at the MA-GOP convention by 30+ points!
    IN OTHER WORDS, HE WAS CHOSEN BY MA REPUBLICANS!!! Why do you think Shiva is running as an “independent”?!?!?

    As TIM MURPHY stated in his comment, by making an appearance here President Trump might turn off the more reasonable dems who would consider voting for him over the fake Indian who is under water with MA democrats. He also had to endorse Tall Duval to appeal to “moderate” republicans in MA and get money from the MA-GOP as distasteful as that was to him.