MassGOP At The Crossroads

Posted January 4th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Two years ago – months before RRB was born, I was warning our elected Republican leaders – our State Committee people that of the three candidates then vying for Chairman of our MassGOP, Jen Nassour was clearly the worst.  I personally supported Joe Manzoli, because I knew him better than Mike Franco and because I’d watched him work.  

Admittedly I operate somewhat on instinct.  It kept me alive in Vietnam, and whenever I’ve overruled that little voice in my head I’ve come to regret it…

Two years ago the little voice was telling me that Jen Nassour was only concerned with her own career.  She did seem very full of herself, she certainly looked good in a short skirt, and she was totally comfortable hosting hospitality rooms.  

But looking forward 22 months to November 2010, she had no ideas, and no clue – not even a short list – about our governor’s race.  She was handing out a seven-page packet which contained no leadership experience.  She promised ‘boundless energy’ and claimed she could raise a lot of money.  It was more than little voices in my head, – it was alarm bells.

I wrote the following to our various party leaders:

None of the three candidates is perfect.  Each has passion and each brings some value-added to the party.
Joe Manzoli:  Gee, I wish he were a few years younger and didn’t smoke.  But he brings in-depth experience, he is calm under pressure, and when he talks – he’s brief and on point.  He thinks before he answers a question.  He has a plan.  Of the three, he’s my choice.

Mike Franco
:  For a retired Air National Guard Major – he still looks like a kid [he’s got nearly as much hair as Blagojevich].  He spoke too long about his own history and sales background, but not enough about his plan of leadership.  He did talk about decentralizing, – and he understands the failings of our current leadership, – but he just doesn’t inspire me.  He should be mentored and groomed for the future.

Jennifer Nassour
:  Handed out a seven-page packet – covering every subject area, – except any actual leadership experience of her own.  While her previous successes in fundraising may seem attractive to our cash-starved MassGOP,  I and many others are strongly of the belief that without a clear message, the funds will not flow.  She is very attractive, even charming, – but either her hyper-energy or the attorney in her makes her talk too fast and too long, – as if compelled to cover every single point in detail.  She is too “downtown Boston”, I don’t see her connecting with working people. She looks too young to be taken seriously, and she really hasn’t thought about the future of our state.  Again, she should be mentored and groomed for the future.
In terms of rebuilding our party image, Franco and Nassour will both look too youthful – too nouveau – on camera, and both will talk too much.  My gut level instincts tell me to be wary of both, – that they will not really help us get ready for the 2010 mid-terms.  I would be reticent to follow either of them in a business or legal venture, and I hope you won’t vote for them.  

As I watched Ron Kaufman working the halls and the back of the room, I sensed the impending disaster.  The evening was not about us, or winning Republican seats; it was about Kaufman insuring that his Dutko lobbying group would continue to have access to the halls of power – all firmly in Democratic hands.  Ms. Nassour was his chosen figurehead.

That night I had my second heart attack.

Within weeks Nassour was offering the Massachusetts gay community unconditional surrender on ALL social issues.  When we conservatives demanded an explanation of her high-profile Bay Windows escapade, we were told that she was taking the Party in a new direction, and if we didn’t like it she pointed and said “there’s the door!

Two full years and the disastrous 2010 election cycle later, I can’t believe she still has a cult of loyal followers ready to reelect her.  But then again, this is Ma$$achu$ett$, the land of liberals, cafeteria Republicans, the Kennedys, John Kerry, Barney Frank, John Olver, Jim McGovernment, and three indicted Speakers in a row.

Here political offices are considered hereditary.  Failure doesn’t matter so long as you’re photogenic.

We’re far more concerned with equal opportunity and affirmative action than we are with results.  So if it was ‘it’s time for a woman to lead’ in 2009, then I guess we’ll be hearing ‘give her another chance’ come Thursday night.

[Besides, Jen doesn’t get us involved with any of those icky social issues like abortion, gay marriage, gays in the military, and illegal immigration.  Jen just talks about ‘smaller government and lower taxes’.  And she buys me drinks.  And she says she raised a lot of money.]

A year into her tenure, Jen jumped into the spotlight on Jan 20th to take credit for Scott Brown’s historic win.  It was a badly considered move, since she’d done very little and the TEA Parties had done most of the heavy lifting.

If there was any ‘Republican momentum’ following Scott’s win, it quickly fizzled as he began to vote like a well-trained RiNO, and Ms. Nassour did nothing in the following months to build up our Party organization.  

But it got worse, quickly.  She announced her support of Charlie Baker, then approved his selection of Richard Tisei. Charlie claimed he was ‘more liberal than Obama on social issues‘, and Tisei is the openly gay sponsor of the highly repugnant Transgender Bathroom Bill.  Nassour seemed to be ignoring the other Republican in the race – Christy Mihos.  It was ALL Charlie, ALL THE WAY!

Unfortunately Charlie is a stiff, unfriendly, and conspicuously arrogant rich guy, a former Mitt Romney guy, and was running Harvard Pilgrim – which had received a big state bailout to stay in business, then raised rates.  Mihos by contrast ran a chain of popular convenience stores.

The campaign cycle of 2010 was a study in failure.  Massachusetts has ten of the most loathed congressgoons in Washington, but there was no coordinated state-wide campaign against them.  Our governor was widely considered to be one of the most inept and liberal governors in the country, but the best the Nassour-led GOP could find to run against him was someone proudly ‘more liberal than Obama…’?

Our disgraced AG Martha Coakley – who totally ignored even crimes taking place directly in front of her – was initially unopposed until the write-in campaigns of Carbonne and McKenna.  I continue to ask, – with over a year to recruit an AG candidate, why was Nassour unable to find a worthy candidate on her own?

We had two thoroughly honest and honorable candidates for Auditor.  Can anybody explain how Tax-cheat Suzanne Bump was elected?  Where was the state-wide GOP campaign to “clean house”?

So we lost – BIG TIME!  
We lost all ten (10) congressional races.  
We lost EVERY statewide race. 
We lost all the ballot issues.  

And Jennifer wants another two years?  And people are posting blogs about giving her another chance?

I’ve come to believe that the elected leaders of the Mass Republican party are simply ‘Cafeteria Republicans’.  They really have never read or studied the Constitution.

They actually WANT abortion available to their children and grandchildren. [How slutty are their daughters?]  They want drugs and gay marriage legalized.  They want gambling casinos legalized.  They really want government to be a 50/50 split between liberal democrats and liberal Republicans.  They are afraid of the death penalty. When social issues arise, they want the party leadership to remain silent and out of sight.

This Thursday night at the Marriot the fate of our MassGOP will be in the hands of those state committeemen/women who show up to vote.  Nassour is the proven failure who wants another turn. 

She has her loyal Klingons. She has Kaufman’s backing, and Mitt’s;  two perfect reasons to dump her.

Bill McCarthy wants the job.  He’s down to earth, practical, likable, and lives centrally in the state.  I’ve known him for several years now.  He will recruit a worthy staff.  He will be a forceful and articulate spokesman for Republican issues and Republican values.

Committeepeople who vote for Nassour can be voted out of office in September 2012. 

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

3 Responses to “MassGOP At The Crossroads”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    I agree with you 100% and have notified my two State Committee representatives that they should vote for Bill McCarthy. Hopefully they will attend our meeting on Wednesday and we can discuss their intentions. Both have been silent to the previous emails that I have sent.

  2. Karen G

    I am personally still dazed (but I suppose not surprised) by the DISMAL results of the November elections. I knew that at best we might achieve a little bit of balance in a state where liberalism is the law of the land. My God, I thought to myself, surely Barney Frank will finally lose, or Suzanne “tax laws don’t apply to me” Bump would not win. There was no way, I foolishly thought, that every single Democratic candidate would be victorious!

    While disappointment has slowly faded to livable levels, my hope for the future of the GOP in Massachusetts, has dwindled to nothing. I blame this largely, well, almost entirely, on Ms. Nassour’s non-existent leadership. What GOP candidate in their right mind will be willing to invest their time, energy, money, and reputation, to run for office here with the lack of earnest support and vision that they would need to even have a chance of success? It’s time to find a new leader for the rudderless ship that is the Massachusetts Republican Party.

  3. britsarmymom

    Great articulation of the facts from an old soul. I’m not sure Massachusetts is inhabitable, after the November 2 “reality” check. Not MY reality. Please take care, and don’t let this take you down with another coronary, Mike!