MassDOT Toads Head To Florida

Posted June 16th, 2015 by Iron Mike

400 of them – having spent a ‘career’ sucking on the Taxpayer Teat – are putting in for early retirement….
MassDOT Toads

Next stop – the Massachusetts Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission in Somerville,


– then on to tax-free Florida.

What retired Toad would stay in Dhimmicrat-ruled Taxachusetts and keep paying these kinds of taxes – on a ‘hard-earned’ disability retirement check…? Suckahas!

MassDOT Toads to Florida

If you know a MassDOT Toad, – please forward this link to them!

3 Responses to “MassDOT Toads Head To Florida”

  1. Panther 6

    We still have lots of room here in FL but the really good news is that the gators in our lakes and swamps will love all those toads.

  2. Jim

    Mike, you continually outdo yourself with your wit and humor. Wait, this IS humor, right? Jim


    We could only wish it were funny Bro,….but we’re paying for every inch of it!

    Why do you think our taxes are so high here,….all the State ever hires are these damned toads!

  3. Paul J Baldi

    Something smells about this story. Why so many, from the
    same state agency, filing at the same time? What do they
    know? Is there an investigation going on that we have yet
    to hear about? How did 400 “employees” decide to bail out
    now? Curious indeed!