Massachusetts Liberation Almost Within Reach!

Posted January 15th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Hello Americans! From the People’s Republic of Mass-a-TWO-Shits I am proud to report that ~ just maybe ~ our liberation is at hand.  It is certainly within the hands of our Voters on Tuesday.  Ever so slowly Freedom of Speech has crept back over the course of this Special Election.  Folks are finding the courage to talk about Obama – and by extension his would-be sock puppet Martha Coakley – on open, honest, and even blunt terms. [Kinda like me . . ] 


Long-time Democrats are coming out of their fifty-year slumber. Yes, sadly Camelot is dead. It died in Dallas. It died in a tidal pool on Chappaquiddick. A pale image of Camelot died in Los Angeles. The Kennedys were never Camelot. It was all PR, albeit very good PR.  There was even a pony.


Jack was not a “war hero”.  The saga of PT-109 is a myth created by daddy to cover the fact that Jack and his crew got drunk, fell asleep, and never heard the Jap destroyer Amagiri which cut their boat in half, killing crewmembers A. J. Kirksey and Harold Marney.  Later as President Jack and Brother Bobby took turns with Marilyn Monroe – while both men were married.  Teddy got himself bounced from Harvard – twice – for cheating, and later was cheating on his wife when his girlfriend “drowned” at Chappaquiddick.  Hardly Camelot.

Mary Jo 1970

What died last August in Hyannis Port was not “Camelot”,   but something very far removed from it.  We have recovered our freedom of speech, – we can tell the truth.  The “Liberal Lion of the Senate” was more like a lying liberal in the Senate.   He was a bloated, arrogant, insufferable, womanizing drunken slob, – with an incredible ability to become sober just enough to deliver a speech, then back to the booze. The Kennedy family PR machine, and attorneys – kept the myth alive.  Now it is coming unglued,  and the next few years will be uncomfortable for the remaining kin.  But Massachusetts voters have been liberated from the yoke of the myth, the legend, and the guilt of two assassinations. The pony has left the White House lawn.

We can finally speak freely and openly about “forbidden” subjects:

     The Kennedys weren’t Camelot.  Many were terribly flawed.

     Obama really is a socialist.  It’s not racist to say so.

     John Kerry really is a traitorous fool who pursues rich women, then discards them.

     Duh-val Patrick has been an utter disaster!  Bye-bye Duh-val!

     Our Gang of Ten in the US House all need to be expunged!

     NO! It’s notTed’s seat”, it’s OUR GAWD-damned seat, and we want it back!

     Martha Coakley is an ruthless ambitious and unethical liberal hack – willing to be Obama’s sock puppet [Yes, Rush nailed it].  She’s just taken hundreds of thousand of dollars from the very industries she claims she’ll be “cracking down on”.   Right!  Liar!   Yes, she couldn’t see the Beacon Hill crooks who were right under her nose – Flaherty, Finneran, DiMasi, Take-a-buck Chuck, and Pad-my-SizeDs Wilkerson,   [Oh, and if she does win, she’s rumored to have a ‘special announcement’ for you after she’s sworn in.   Try not to look surprised, after all, look at the groups she’s been associated with.]

So let’s not force that on ourselves. We just don’t need another ethically tainted and agenda-driven legislator. Haven’t decades of Gerry Studds, Barney Frank, and Ted been enough to bear?

Multi-generational Dems are beginning to look at their party hacks – both on Beacon Hill where the last three Speakers have been indicted – and on Capitol Hill – and they can envision a time when the dreadful pun will become a distant memory.  It will just take the courage to break the downward spiral on Tuesday to complete the liberation of the Commonwealth.

Real Old-Time Democrats – you can do this thing!  You can acknowledge that Obama tricked you.  Yes, he really is a socialist, – yes, he really is trying to bankrupt the country, – yes, he really hates capitalism and yes, he’s used racially divisive politics very successfully.  Now you can stop him in his tracks.  You’re not voting against FDR or Harry Truman, – you voting against Martha Coakley the sock puppet, and Barrack Hussein Obama Jr. – the would-be socialist dictator of the world.  You’re voting against that international socialist – George Soros. You’re voting for Scott Brown to save your freedoms as laid down in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights!

Independents – Tuesday is your day!  Are you really “independent”?  For once please think and act independently!  Stop thinking like wards of the welfare state – wondering “what’s in it for me?”  Think about what’s good for our country, and our grandkids.  Try to remember the one million Americans who died to make us free and keep us free, – who would never have dreamed of letting us sink into socialism.

Republicans, – come out in force.  Too many of you stayed home in November 2008, – and look what happened. Tuesday is your last chance to send a message that your ideals are worth voting for,  and your vote can be counted on.  Free yourself from the 50-year yoke of “Camelot”, and let’s recapture our Commonwealth, our Nation, our Dignity, and our Future!   Between now and 8 PM Tuesday – call and e-mail every voter you know in Massachusetts – and tell them to vote for Scott Brown!  A free country is a terrible thing to lose.  I know, – I was there when one went down.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

3 Responses to “Massachusetts Liberation Almost Within Reach!”

  1. Flick

    Mike, am I the ONLY ONE who heard Glenn Beck cite the ‘rr’ website today and YOUR Martha Coakley article???

    I’ve been replaying it over all day, like I told ‘rr’ in an email ‘I knew you when…’

    It’s possible that you and J could be a huge factor in toppling the Socialist agenda!


  2. britsarmymom

    The true turn of the tide lies with us: complacent, uninvolved and unaware citizens. Candidate Obama put a fire under us and inspired hope, demanded participation, promised change and transparency. He has delivered despair in the economy and in national security. His administration’s corruption has been exposed ala “tip of the iceberg” ACORN. His House and Senate majority has concocted fiscal disaster, arrogantly wheeling and dealing behind closed doors, postponing the President’s Christmas vacation for four days. And yet, our Commander in Chief tenaciously adhered to his vacation schedule until four days after a plane nearly exploded over Detroit. It’s taken a full year for our Commander in Chief to acknowledge, “We are at war”. General McCrystal waited 90 days for a response from his Commander in Chief, while our troops remained undermanned and under fire in Afghanistan. During that lapse, Our Commander in Chief prioritized a White House Summit to resolve a racially colored fracas between one Cambridge professor and one Cambridge police officer. Whether you vote Brown or Coakley, base your decision on the facts, not your feelings. Fortunately, we’re no longer dependent on elite media outlets or lobby-funded sound bytes to inform ourselves. Even better, we can vote without fear. . .but perhaps we SHOULD be required to dip our index fingers in purple dye as they did in Iraq. . .just to keep the process honest! No amount of money can fund a propaganda machine that will outpace a motivated and informed citizenry. My effort & my vote will go to Senator Brown. “Jihad” has meant “war” to me since 9/11. It’s global and mobile & warrants defense.

  3. supportourmarines

    Well said, Mr. Ironman!! I am so excited for the state of Mass!! Victory is within reach!! And you and your blog have helped to spread the word. I’ll be watching the returns on Tuesday and hoping to celebrate for your state!