Massachusetts Embraces One Man, One Vote

Posted December 22nd, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

While we haven’t achieved it yet, we’re well on the way.  As citizens  flee the commonwealth for states that actually benefit them, we’re quickly losing population.  As the population dwindles and approaches 1, we’re faced with the prospect of becoming irrelevant among our peers, the other states. 

As we lose citizens, we lose representatives.  As we lose representatives, we lose votes.  As we lose votes, we lose our voice.  Pretty soon we’ll be represented by just one representative in Washington who’ll be attempting to represent a million illegal aliens.  (Please, Lord, don’t let it be Barney Frank!)

One benefit of a voting block of 1, redistricting is a snap.  But, when there are just illegal aliens left, how will the Democrat party explain election results?  How will the one man left pay for all their benefits? 

Interestingly, in a press release just out, the Massachusetts GOP’s Jennifer Nassour claimed this as a victory, since we now only lose one seat to the Democrats in each election. This is down from the hundreds we normally lose.   rr

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