Massachusetts Braces For Al Gore Warming

Posted December 26th, 2010 by Iron Mike

There’s a BLIZZARD coming to New England.  Per Al Gore you should take this as ‘proof’ that Global Warming is upon us.

The heavy snowfalls this month have been used as fodder for ridicule by those who argue that global warming is a myth, yet scientists have long pointed out that warmer global temperatures have been increasing the rate of evaporation from the oceans, putting significantly more moisture into the atmosphere — thus causing heavier downfalls of both rain and snow in particular regions, including the Northeastern United States. 
      Al Gore op-ed NY Times Feb 27 2010

So how about England?  Ah England – having their coldest, snowiest winter in…in 100 years!  Parts of Scotland have been snow-covered for 3 weeks.

Back in February reasonable men of science were mocking Gore – who has invested a significant portion of his person wealth in “green industries”.  So if ‘green’ technologies can be government-mandated by the Obama-Soros cartel,  Al will be a VERY rich old man.

Part of the scheme involves trading carbon emissions for big $$ on an industrial scale.  It’s a scheme not unlike the carnival sideshow performed with three walnut shells and a dried pea, conveniently called the “Shell Game”.  Nimble-handed hucksters made a good living with the shell game for thousands of years by making doofus fools guess where the pea was hidden.

Now Al Gore wants you to guess where the CO2 is hidden – and pay him for hiding it.  The scheme has a new name: “Cap and Trade“. 

He’s hoping that in the recent flurry of the November elections and the Lame Duck Congress, you will have conveniently forgotten about the leaked emails from England’s East Anglai University – the ones which proved that scientists Gore was quoting had been faking their data for nearly two decades – faking their data because the earth is ACTUALLY COOLING!

It was just a year ago that the “leading scientist” at East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit quit after the conspiracy was exposed.  

So sit back and enjoy the snow New England!  It really isn’t a blizzard – it’s just Al Gore’s ‘Global Warming’ making you shovel your driveway two or three times.

Isn’t it scary to think how close this thieving huckster came to being our president?  Shudder!  Yeah, Tipper had enough of him too, – she divorced him this year.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

AND, I wonder where Duh-val will be during this blizzard?  Four years ago he drove home in one and got stuck for three (3) hours.

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  1. Perplexed Senior

    Duh-val has already declared a state of emergency in advance of this “global warming” phenomenon. Tomorrow we can expect to see him on the local media outlets, in the Dukakis V-neck sweater, remote from his Western MA enclave, declaring that all roads are off limits, businesses closed, and the National Guard has been called into action reminiscent of the real Blizzard of ’78.

  2. Al Gore

    How do you like me now…..