Mass Transgender Bathroom Law Backfires

Posted August 20th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Sure didn’t take long!  At about 10:30 AM Friday a Muslim man – one Taha Hamid – of Dorchester – entered an MBTA ladies room,  – dropped his pants – and proceeded to piss in the sink.  He told a woman “This is a Men’s Room now!”
Taha Hamid and enablers
The Transit cop must have been old-fashioned [like me] – and arrested the perv – despite the new law.  But in the world of unforeseen consequences,  – this was hardly a case of a ‘transgender man‘….

Conservatives were branded by libturds as “Mean-spirited homophobes” willing to single out people with real problems for mean treatment.  The Transgender Bathroom Bill was passed over our strenuous objections and our dire warnings that:

–  sexual perverts would ‘claim’ transgender status’ to go looking at women and little girls.

–  that no cop should have to make an on-the-spot judgment about whether some clown was a genuine transgender,  – or a pervert voyeur….  Nor should a judge or jury.

Target Stores however jumped on the bandwagon – saying they would welcome Transgenders into any changing room or any bathroom.

Now after a massive drop in sales,…they’re backtracking and putting in gender-neutral bathrooms and changing rooms.   Ultra-liberalism was met with slumping sales as conservatives, – even poorer ones – boycotted.

Now the Unintended Consequences:


Women's room

This particular Muslim jihadi decided that he would go forth Friday and humiliate the infidels – by showing how easy it is to invade the private space of the non-believer’s women,  – where they are most vulnerable,  – and shaming the infidel men who refuse to protect them.

He succeeded.  Others will be emboldened.  The police will be busy and the courts will be clogged.  Soon they’ll be pissing in the ladies rooms right in the courthouses….

Massachusetts never had a transgender ‘problem’ – we never needed a Transgender Bathroom Bill.

This was simple manufactured chaos – per Saul Alinsky and the rules of Cloward and Pivenoverloading the system….until it reaches a breaking point.

The Bathroom Bill returned ZERO manufacturing jobs to our state,  – more likely drove a few more jobs elsewhere…..

Caitlyn JennerREMEMBER FOLKS:  Genuine transgender people were never a problem – unless they were ALSO trying to attract special attention to themselves.

Caitlin Jenner is not a danger to your small daughter – or your wife….

But when stupid laws get passed, – usually in the name of some ‘greater good’ that only the lawmakers subscribe to, – evil people will be quick to take advantage.

Rosenberg and JamieBoy Eldridge are both gay.

Maybe they thought they were doing a good thing,  – but having watched JamieBoy for some 10 years now,  – he delights in fooling the voters here in Acton,  as he nibbles away at our culture, our American traditions and values,  and subverts our Constitution every chance he gets.

In too many ways he’s exactly like Obama….raised as a momma’s boy and determined to get his revenge on all of us….

And watch the Boston media soft-peddle this story – since it involves a Muslim.  The Herald already pulled their story – after less than a day.   Better to write about the Patriots, the Olympics,…or puppies.

Herald Story  Taha Hamid

3 Responses to “Mass Transgender Bathroom Law Backfires”

  1. Walter Knight

    Hate-America-First liberals attack America from many different directions.

  2. Hawk1776

    I’m shocked.

  3. Mt Woman

    Yeah, one would have to be blind not to see this one coming a mile away!! I can see it all now, MBTA is sued by man who believes today that he is a woman and is in a rush to use the restroom!

    It never ends!