Mass Republicans: So Terribly Screwed!

Posted October 24th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Folks, you cannot make this shit up!   We are 14 days from a end-of-the-Republic election,  and the Chairwoman of the MassGOP,  who hates Trump,  – has adjusted her Facebook profile,…like a hooker!
Kirsten,  – is this the image of your new law firm?   Has Charlie Baker seen this?  Exactly what message did you think you were sending?

I would expect to see a photo like this on a paid escort dating website – not on the site of a serious attorney – and NOT the head of a state Republican Party.


We knew you were a backstabbing RiNO traitor Kirsten;  – I guess now we should figure out what you charge for an hour,  – or for all night….

Phone the MassGOP:  617  523-5005

Ask Kirsten what shade of stupid that is…..

6 Responses to “Mass Republicans: So Terribly Screwed!”

  1. Jim Buba

    Ah, zooming in on the lips, turned sideways and it is the spitting image of Hillary Rodham Clinton

  2. FLICK

    A real classy lady. Between this slut and pocohontas you folks must be pretty proud up there in MA.

  3. sad4magop

    Ever wonder why Republicans don’t win in this state? Because the people who run the Party are totally unprofessional. A picture tells a thousand words.

  4. Clinton ma tea party

    It is time to fire the whole damn lot of them. Send all these Mass hole rhinos back to where they belong in the sewers of Massachusetts and New York City or wherever else they come from. They made sure that no Democrat in this election was opposed by a Republican so they have done their jobs so I guess it’s time to have fun on Facebook since the work is over destroying the Republican Party impeach Baker impeach Polito impeach Kaufman impeach Mara hilley impeach every single one of them and impeach every friggin Republican who could not stand for Donald Trump 4 president of the United States of America who they serve like traitors in Our House of Representatives on Beacon Hill.

  5. Sherox

    Where do I begin?

  6. Sylvester

    The establishment on the State Committee voted for her for chair. She is totally unprofessional. She needs to go…..