Mass Murder’s 70th Anniversary

Posted September 30th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Some Americans will be fooled, – awestruck and thrilled by the parades of modern military might that our 30-year trade imbalance have enabled the Red Chinese to steal and buy.

Young Americans who don’t know History, – don’t understand Economics or Geography, – and who get their ‘news’ from Twitter may well believe this is a momentous anniversary.  How little they know….

On the other side of the World, the people closest to the Chinese – the folks in Hong Kong, – have been risking death to protest the Commies, – and they carry the American Flag as a symbol of their desire for true FREEDOM!

They understand what goes on – on a daily basis – in China.  They understand the power of the all-powerful dictatorship.

The young people in Hong Kong weren’t even born when the Freedom Protest began in Tiananmen Square – or when it was crushed.  But they understand….

Clinton, Gore, Obama and Biden all sucked up to the Chinese – for money.

Trump – not so much!

4 Responses to “Mass Murder’s 70th Anniversary”

  1. Asusue

    Mike, the State of many of our young people is pathetic. We have been out at standouts/ signwaving for Trump recently. Many, many more thumbs up and toots than in MA. However, the People with windows down, leaning out, giving us the finger, swearing about Trump are almost exclusively teens or very young adults. Next time I am using a double faced sign. Trump 2020 on one side. Next time one of these skulls of mush comes by I will show him/her a sign that says “read a history book and good luck with the socialism”.

  2. dav2149

    I think the anti-Trump sentiment is with all age groups. I was at a public library book sale last week and an elderly man (in his 70’s) walks by the non-fiction table and said to the elderly female volunteer working there, “Any books on the assassination of Trump?” and her reply, “I wish…” It seems that I see Elizabeth Warren and “impeach” bumperstickers on the cars of older people more than younger. Actually, I am on college campuses a few times every week and am always amazed at how(outwardly, at least) non-political the students are – no t-shirts, buttons, posters. I am not on Brandeis’ campus but at UCONN, UNH, Babson I just don’t see much expression of politics on the part of students. But a student group at UNH is hosting (in conjunction with TPU) a Charlie Kirk “Culture War” presentation in the campus center in a few weeks.

  3. Kojack

    “Clinton, Gore, Obama and Biden all sucked up to the Chinese – for money.”

    Clinton also went further and sold the CHI-COMMS sensitive ICBM technology for a campaign contribution.

    Instead of front-loading everything in the same way that HUSSIEN did with Iran, Nixon should have dangled the carrot in front of the CHI-COMMS and not given them anything without true reform. Now the horse is out of the barn and they’re a force to be reckoned with. No good ever comes from trading with enemies who are sworn to destroy you.

  4. Varvara

    Do you remember the photo of the young man at Tiananmen Square who tried to stop a tank? Of course, they ran over him….