Mass Gov Race Hits Bumpy Road

Posted March 8th, 2010 by Iron Mike

 Will We Have To Hold Our Noses – Again?

If Massachusetts Republicans are sitting around feeling content or even smug about Scott Brown’s victory, they better think again. Our governor’s race is about to get REAL nasty, – so very different from the crisp good vs evil Brown / Coakley contest. 

Deer-in-the Headlights

Incumbent Deval Patrick [and discarded Obama BFF] is held in such wide disregard that finding one of his old bumper stickers [normally on a rusting Volvo or a Prius] is like finding an Indian arrowhead or a dinosaur bone.  He’s having so much trouble finding money that while Nancy Pelosi was in town last Friday, – rather than be cornered into writing a check,  – he went down to NYC trying to suck up a little Neuw Yawk Liberal cash.

$12.8 B-b-billion?

Dem turned Independent” Treasurer Tim Cahill is also not feeling any love up here.  Maybe that’s because under his watch our state pension fund sank by 23.6% – $12.8 Billion last year. That’s what people used to call “an albatross around his neck”.  After awhile, the smell of the dead bird becomes overpowering.  Should’a listened to G. Gordon Liddy Tim – and bought gold!  Tim’s been $$$ hunting down in New York too.  Do you thing there may be a cartel down there with a plan to buy our governorship?

Always his Own Man

 Renegade Republican Christy Mihos just had to push the reset button on his campaign. Grizzled campaign manager Joe Manzoli has pulled out – at least for the moment, -and Christy has been interviewing potential replacements.  Their differences involve $$$ and scheduling, and may be patched over in the next few weeks.  There is time, but Christy needs groundswell support and cash.  I’ve watched him with crowds, and his message gets across.  The problem is reaching enough people over the noise of the freight train.

Inexplicably Unvetted

The runaway freight train is the Charlie Baker / Richard Tisei team, which at first glance looks like a campaign manager’s or a marketing manager’s dream team.  At first glance.  And Baker seems to be raking in the bucks. Think maybe some backers are betting that a version of ObamaCare is about to become the law of the land?  That would suit Charlie.

Unfortunately for Mass Republicans – and the rest of the voters,  Party Chair Barbie never vetted Baker. She’s been actively backing him – with party $$.  And in his arrogance,  Baker never vetted Tisei before he announced him as his running mate.  Both men are [or should be] holding their breaths hoping that secrets remain hidden.  Or maybe they figure they can ride out a tsunami when it comes. It’s my guess they’re counting on the understaffed, under powered, and under motivated Boston Glob to keep looking the other way.  I mean, what could possibly cause the Glob to start acting line a real newspaper now?

The big question for voters is – if such a tsunami does come [I believe it will], will it wash away our Congressional candidates in this one year that we have a chance to clean house?  That’s a wicked big gamble to be taking,  just a year before we go into the usual redistricting [gerrymandering] squabbles.

Will we end up as we have in so many past elections – holding our noses and voting for the “least worst”?  And if we screw it up,  – how soon do we descend into Junk Bond status? 

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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