Mass Citizens – In Deval Patrick’s FACE!

Posted July 27th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Statehouse Rally  26 July 2014
Has the tide of public opinion turned to public outrage? Are the liberal sheeple of Mass-a-Two-Shits finally waking up – as their rights and their sovereignty are being squandered by 21st Century One-World No-Borders Socialists?
Deval Patrick and Obama were both elected – then re-elected – on the basis of built-up white guilt, – and empty, meaningless slogans:

Together we can!” – “Yes we can!” – “Hope” – “Change”

Hidden from public scrutiny by a complicit media – was that neither man is a ‘Democrat’. They are something vastly different, – World Socialists, who firmly believe in race-based political vengeance against ‘White Colonial America’.white fools buying it
Both men believe that 400 years of “white American imperialism” has been a force for evil, – suppressing, enslaving, and exploiting peoples of color around the world. Thus both men see their mission as one of correcting that imbalance, – of retribution and payback.

Destroying our borders, our sovereignty, and our economy are key. Weakening our laws, our culture, and our military are too.

With time running out in their terms of office,…both are hell-bent on making a final push to weaken our borders [essentially to ignore that we have a southern border] – and bring in as many ‘people of color’ from the non-English speaking Third World as they can.

They’re gleefully using our money to get the job done. They don’t feel ‘accountable’ to anybody.

They’re pretty much in your face – i.e. “F**k you Americans – we got re-elected – so the majority of people want us to do this!”

The immediate impact will be huge. EVERY Central American child kept here will need their OWN – INDIVIDUAL ‘special needs’ teacher – bi-lingual of course. That’s another $60+K – EACH – on your local school payroll, – PLUS after-school programs.

Watch Deval Patrick reassure you that “…no local money will be used, – just Federal Money!”

Hell, – he knows you’re stupid! He knows you elected and re-elected him on a meaningless slogan.

He knows he can shed a tear, recite a Bible passage, and make this whole thing sound like your ‘Christian Duty’!

…after all, they’re just kids, – alone in a foreign land…”

So, are you going to fall for it?  Do you expect your elected Democrats to stand up for you – and for your kids? FAT CHANCE!

Speak up here Liberal Readers: – do you really think Robert DeLeo, Therese Murray, JamieBoy Eldridge, or Tsilent Niki Tsongas have done any thinking about MS13 or ISIS members sneaking into America?

MS13 gang members

The wake-up process for some of your liberal neighbors hasn’t begun yet.

They’re still basking in the illusion that they’re now living in “post-racial America”. They haven’t encountered MS13 and the Muslim Brotherhood on a personal level – yet.

ISIS members

There was a reason that Columbus sailed westward in 1492.  Do you ~ think ~ that maybe you’re beginning to understand it?

3 Responses to “Mass Citizens – In Deval Patrick’s FACE!”

  1. Blossom

    Jeff Kuhner is a great American. Wonderful rally, very important message to our President and our Governor. We the people are finally standing up to the most arrogant, lawless Administration that we have ever had.
    This crisis is devastating our communities and putting a tremendous burden on American taxpayers. We must demand that our existing laws are enforced and our borders are truly secured.
    When will this President “faithfully execute the laws of this nation”? We must keep up the good fight!

  2. Sherox

    What I find most interesting is that the largest protests that I have heard about have been in California and Massachusetts. Who would have imagined that some of the most liberal states would be protesting this? This seems to have bi-partisan support from mayors in both states from both parties.

  3. Casey Chapman

    The rally was so great. I could not help but notice, that Fox25 tried to downplay the protest by stating that it was only “several hundred” people. I’d say a couple of thousand, more like. It’s so hard to estimate. We filled the whole steps area and across the street.
    There is a piece of scripture that suggests that we take the plank out of our own eye before we take a splinter out of our neighbors. I equate that with taking care of OUR OWN citizens and vets before taking in a bunch of teenage drug dealers and sick kids.