Mass 5th: No Do-Overs Tuesday

Posted September 13th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Golnik:  38% 
Meas:  26%     Weaver:  21%     Shapiro: 15%

Do you remember seeing me in front of your grocery store or your hardware store?  I met thousands of you.  I met your kids.  I asked you to sign a nominating petition.  I told you about Sam Meas – the candidate who had survived Cambodia’s Killing Fields.  We agreed –  our Representative Niki Tsongas is an absolute disaster.  I held your babies while you signed Sam’s papers.

The summer has passed.  Tomorrow – Tuesday Sept 14thwe need your vote.  If you ever want your Congress back in sane and Constitutional hands – tomorrow may be the most important vote you’ll ever cast.  Let me explain:

Like it or not,  Tsongas has her steadfast following of MoonBat loyalists.  Nothing on Earth will change their minds or their vote.  To them she looks and feels like family, and no amount of economic or political logic can shake their loyalty.  “Oh, we LOVE Niki!”   Our 10% unemployment could double – even triple, and her hard-core MoonBats will still vote for her. 

So we Republicans will NOT be the driving force pushing Tsongas into retirement in November.  There simply aren’t enough of us. 

If Tsongas is expelled from office it will ONLY be by the massed votes of us few Republicans, plus the angry Unenrolled, the TEA Party, the Independents, and a goodly number of old-time Harry Truman Democrats – voters old enough to remember a time when people were expected to earn a living, not wait on government programs to guarantee their happiness.

She won in 2007 solely on name association and a poorly run RiNO campaign. She ran unopposed in 2008 amid the Obama Sweep.

Today the tides of fortune have changed. Unemployment has doubled since she took office. Our national debt has doubled. Everywhere you drive in the 5th District you see empty factories and empty storefronts. Homes are being foreclosed. Voters are angry. Yet Obama / Pelosi / Barney Frank and Niki Tsongas still want to raise taxes and provide a few gimmicks to keep you quiet.

Massachusetts voters do not have a good history of voting with their heads.  As prime examples I offer you the 47 years of Ted Kennedy and the 25 years of John Kerry in the US Senate.  Could you find two more deeply flawed and hubris men anywhere in government?  Yet a total of eleven times MassHoles went like faithful lemmings to the polls and returned them,  and also filled all ten Congressional seats with über-liberal Democrats.

But today – 19 months into the Obama Cartel,  voters finally are waking up.  Some voters that is. 

There is still a sizable and willing mass of Kool-Aid soaked liberal lemmings willing to return Tsongas for another two years. 

So we Republicans and Unenrolled Conservative voters must give the electorate a candidate they can rally around in October, and vote for on November 2nd

It BETTER be Sam;   it better not be Golnik!

You would ~ think ~ that after Golnik’s serial non-Voting / not-Registered status, his DUI, his pot use, and his constant lying and blame casting came to light, that his yard signs would have disappeared.  Who but an overgrown frat boy blames George W. Bush for his going unregistered 8+ years in Carlisle?  Who does he blame for Belmont, – and for Connecticut

Maybe it’s just that by being so obviously flawed he looks familiar – sort of like a RiNO version of Ted and John?  And he is a RiNO.  He stated in public that he “would have to think about” voting on an Unconstitutional bill.  Think about it Jon?

But you better believe that with a million dollars to spend,  Tsongas already knows stuff about Golnik that we don’t.  And it will drip from your TV set and your car radio for the entire 47 days of the General Election campaign.

If they’d been able to find a shred of dirt on Sam or Tom Weaver – you would already know about it – because to Tsongas, Golnik is the easy kill. 

Can’t you just see the TV ad – the reenactment of his DUI – driving home shirtless on a flat tire – blue lights flashing on your TV set? 

Why on earth would thinking Republicans and Conservatives give Tsongas such an easy victim?

If Republicans nominate Golnik tomorrow – they are essentially handing Tsongas an easy re-election.  But worse – he will be made into such a laughing stock that the other Republicans on the November ticket will be swept away.  The undecided and the Unenrolled won’t bother to come out and vote.

If Republicans screw things up tomorrow – there are no “do-overs”.  You get one vote – and this one chance to pick a candidate.  And yes, the future of our Young Republic does depend on it. 

Thankfully we have SAM MEAS!

Sam Meas offers voters the clear choice of a man who has endured years of privation, and been steeled by living under guard in camp surrounded by barbed-wire.  Sam understands our American uniqueness and our freedoms in a way most of you cannot begin to imagine.  He loves and believes in our Constitution, and he will not violate his oath as Niki has so many times. He fully understands that we must seal our borders as a priority of national security and of stabilizing our economy.

Weeks ago Sam signed a Contract with the Voters of the 5th District.  No other candidate took that step to reassure voters that he wouldn’t get caught up in the Washington money swamp.

Today – eight months plus into this campaign [Sam’s been at it nearly 21 months] anybody still trying to sell you on Golnik is either secretly working for Tsongas, or is trying to sell newspapers, – or is hoping for an office job working for him.

Your neighbors today are filled with righteous disgust at Congress, at Nancy Pelosi,  – and at Tsongas.  

Sam is the candidate they can get behind and TRUST him not to forget where he came from, who placed him in office,  and what Article I Section 8 of our Constitution says. [Tsongas hasn’t read it.]

Sam’s volunteers collected over 7000 raw signatures.  That is a good measure of voter outrage.  Please do not let them down by voting for an unworthy candidate.

Go with me on Tuesday and let’s give our 5th District voters SAM MEAS – a candidate they can proudly vote for in November.  Then everybody waive bye-bye to Niki.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

~~~~UPDATE:  9:45 AM Tuesday Sept 14th ~~~~~~~

TELLING ENCOUNTER:  I just spent  2½ hours holding a Sam Meas sign in front of the Carlisle Town Hall.  Golnik showed up [to vote?] – then spent 30 minutes with his sign holders.

As he was leaving he stopped his SUV and rolled his window down to talk to me.  I asked him “Jon, where were you EVER registered to vote?

He snarled – pointed his finger at me – rolled the window up and drove off angry.  So I guess we have his answer . . .

8 Responses to “Mass 5th: No Do-Overs Tuesday”

  1. LeoTheLion4

    Not even a close question. Sam Meas is the clean conservative with the best chance of attracting disaffected Democrats and Independents looking for a candidate they can trust. If Golnik’s campaign workers and contributors couldn’t trust Golnik to level with them BEFORE THE FACT, how can the voters?

  2. Tom Gilroy

    We are down to the very short strokes. I heard both Sam and Tom on Howie this evening. We held signs again in the center this morning and evening until the rain and thunder hit. Tomorrow standingout at the polls praying for a large, informed voter turnout and a candidate we can support against Niki in November to work towards the return to sanity. If everyone had your passion and perseverence my confidence level would be much higher.

  3. KarenG

    Another guy running a grass roots campaign is James McKenna, Republican for Atty General. He has started a write-in campaign and needs our votes tomorrow or MARTHA COAKLEY will run unopposed on 11/2. On your republican or independent ballot you must check off “write-in candidate” and then fill in his name and address: James McKenna, 28 Miles St. Millbury, MA. Check out his website at

    Sorry Iron Mike, I hope you don’t mind me posting this here.

  4. Tom Gilroy

    Voter turnout in Chelmsford very dissapointing so far and mostly Republicans and Unenrolled since the Dem ballot is blah. Let’s hope that the numbers pick up as the day progresses. Only Sam and Tom stanouts at my precint. Most voters friendly and energized. Will they be as friendly in November when WE REMEMBER what Niki has done to the 5th and our Country.

  5. Tom Gilroy

    The voters of the 5th made a serious mistake today. They choose a flawed candidate who will be eaten alive by the Dem attack machine. What else will then uncover when their professional investigators start looking under the rocks? We all want Niki out, but can this candidate win? I guess we will know on November 2.

  6. Karen G

    I agree Tom — ugh. How ironic it would be if we all “pull a Golnik” and stay home on Nov 2 because we don’t like our option for Congress?

  7. Rabid Republican

    Well, we must not let Niki serve again. She’ll become even more entrenched. It’s time to take the high road. Vote your conscience and convictions. At this point it’s better to not attack the R candidate, lest we get the D.

  8. Perplexed Senior

    RR, I agree that we must rally around the candidate elect and provide whatever support that we can to forever change the political landscape in the 5th and in DC. By her record alone she will be vulnerable. She is the Eastern embodiment of Nancy Pelosi and is the antithesis of the core principals of We the People.