MASKS: Virus Control OR People Control?

Posted March 18th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Senator Rand Paul (a medical doctor) takes on Doctor Fauci, but CNN finds another doctor to instill FEAR into their audience… 

You see people out jogging alone on country roads – wearing masks,  – and people alone in their cars – seemingly afraid they’ll catch COVID from their steering wheels.  (Yes – there are Biden stickers on their cars).
Looks like CNN thinks scared people are more likely to stay home and watch their fake news programs….

One Response to “MASKS: Virus Control OR People Control?”

  1. Blossom Stiefel

    No pandemic can possibly justify the limits on Americans’ G-d given rights to live in freedom. We must open up all of America for all Americans now. We have had enough, we are done with this “new normal” garbage

    This fraud Fauci has terrified our country, and we have willingly given up our freedom for a virus. We have surrendered our children’s future for a virus that almost everyone without co-morbidities survives.

    This deception is destroying people’s lives and livelihoods, Unless we stand up to this political tyranny, the masks, lockdowns, the ridiculous distancing will go on for a very long time. Nothing is enough for these “scientists”, a year is not enough for them, vaccines are not enough for them, every time someone gets a fever there is pandemonium, and more lockdowns are spoken of. End this nonsense now! We must not allow this to continue.