Mary Landrieu’s Troubles Deepen

Posted May 5th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Awhile back Louisiana Senator Mary “Blond Bimbo” Landrieu – facing a tough re-election fight, – aired a TV ad to show she is ‘a tough fighter’ for Louisiana energy, – and jobs.
Landrieu fake ad
But it was FAKE!! She filmed the reenactment of a senate hearing – in Louisiana state office building. This is a violation of the Senate’s ethic rules [they have ethics?], and a campaign finance violation – since she didn’t pay for her ‘sound stage’.

LET ME SAY TO OUR VIEWERS – and to all the really smart ladies I’ve been privileged to know in my years,….

Landrieu blond.being ‘blonde’ doesn’t make Mary Landrieu a ‘bimbo’, – not by any means…

It’s being Mary Landrieu that makes her a bimbo!

We hope the voters of Louisiana have wised up…

2 Responses to “Mary Landrieu’s Troubles Deepen”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Well—-as to the Louisiana voters wising up….My father used to have a saying about this.
    “Hope in one hand, and ‘you-know-what’ in the other.” Years later, a friend of mine at work told me there’s a second half of that saying:”and see which one fills up the faster”.
    I hate to burst anyone’s bubble about the good people of Louisiana, but there is probably a reason why it has been known as the poorest state. Education system is pretty bad down there, and their politicians are, too.

  2. Albert

    Hey Iron Mike,

    If I click on an Ed Markey ad that was embedded in this story – do you get a few cents?

    Over & out,


    We sure do. Every time you see one of those MoonBat ads – click it for us!


    /s/ Iron Mike