Martin “Rainwater” O’Malley Challenges Hillary

Posted May 30th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Left-wing ex-Baltimore mayor, ex-Maryland governor announced today he’s in the race to succeed Obama….He has to challenge the “Heir-Apparent” Hillary Clinton for the Democrat Nomination.
Martin O'Malley 2016 2020

On the EXACT day he announced, Baltimore recorded its 40th homicide – yet another young Black man gunned down,  while six police officers face homicide charges,  and city cops are not bothering to patrol aggressively until they have a new mayor and Loretta Lynch calls off her Justice Department dogs.

While Governor of Maryland, the ever-progressive O’Malley commuted the death sentences of 4 cold-blooded murderers, – and signed a wacko bill to tax the rainwater –  which is falling on your own property.

Can’t wait to watch O’Malley campaign in the far Pacific states – which are experiencing droughts. Hearing his explain how taxing rainwater helps everybody should be a real eye-opener…

O'Malley Website

Long story short, O’Malley’s web page was a little short on specific accomplishments, – but he did manage to put in all the progressive buzz-words.  Yes, he wants to give in-state tuition to illegals…

So, is he serious,…or is he looking for the VP spot,…or is he just building name recognition for 2020 or even 2024…?

Martin O'Malley 2016 announcement

So Martin,…what’s you plan to fight ISIS…?   Tax their rainwater?

If Hillary is looking THIS challengable,  Joe Biden will soon jump in himself…

One Response to “Martin “Rainwater” O’Malley Challenges Hillary”

  1. David Wilson

    Didn’t O’Malley build the Inter County Connector highway that no one wanted (sounds like Deval) and few people use (because he made it an expensive toll road)? Wasn’t he a driving force in getting the MD. General Assembly to pass unconstitutional gun laws? Some people say he was one of the first governors to jump on Obama’s Dream Act bandwagon? I’ll just say: N’Omalley, no, no. no! No more tax and spend politicians!