Martin O’Malley Blows Off Ohio Primary

Posted December 31st, 2015 by Iron Mike

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades….
Martin O'Malley blows Ohio Ballot
Former socialist governor of Maryland, – Martin “Rainwater” O’Malley failed to qualify for the March Primary ballot – coming up way short of valid signatures.   He probably got “Clintoned”….

I’ve been part of many signature drives.  Standing at a dump or outside a groery store with a clipboard asking for signatures is grueling work , – hard on your feet and emotionally draining….

you meet so many really stupid democrats…..

So there is a certain art and a science to collecting a high volume of valid signatures,  – and it seems O’Malley’s people were either amateurs,  – or were really working for Clinton.

Yeah, – infiltrating an opponent’s campaign staff and sabotaging his/her work is an ancient but effective Democratic trick.  It happens here in Massachusetts all the time, – and honest but naïve Republicans have been victimized…

The Clinton people were taking no chances, – they made O’Malley look like a bumbling amateur.   That didn’t take much effort.
Martin O'Malley lame

3 Responses to “Martin O’Malley Blows Off Ohio Primary”

  1. Vic

    another one bites the dust……..

  2. Panther 6

    O”Malley is inconsequential in the demorat scheme of things. His departure from the race will only leave Hill Babe with one adversary. I wonder what they promised O’Malley to get him to enter the race at all?

  3. #Blackgunsmatter

    Martin “Goober” O’Malley. Great job with Baltimore and Maryland, brother. Keep up the great work on the campaign trail…