Martha ‘Marsha’ Coakley Loses Again!

Posted April 17th, 2013 by Iron Mike

She still can’t win convictions.  Speaker Bob DeLeo is breathing easier this morning, but John ‘Jack’ O’Brien still faces federal racketeering charges.
Coakley Loses Again

At Issue: Did O’Brien force 50 Probation Department hires [many hired as favors to current and former House Speakers] to attend a fundraiser for Governor Candidate / State Treasurer Tim Cahill, – in exchange for Cahill hiring Laurie O’Brien for a job at the Lottery?

It would seem Coakley went to trial with some flakey witnesses, who recanted their tales of intrigue on the stand.

I’m guessing the Marathon Massacre on Monday made jurors anxious to go home. 

After all, MassHoles have grown up with institutional corruption and expect gross ineptness and back-scratching in between our state officials. “Nothing to see here Folks, move along…”  So they sent O’Brien home…until his federal trial begins.

Coakley continues to prove she is a lackluster trial prosecutor. 

She lost her case against Tim Cahill [for allegedly using Lottery advertising to raise his profile prior to his run for governor] in a hung jury last December.  Then last month she blackmailed him into a $100K settlement to avoid re-trial.

Can you imagine her prosecuting the Marathon Bombers…?  They’d walk!

Meanwhile, US Attorney Carmen Ortiz still has her Federal Case against O’Brien and his underlings.  Bob Deleo isn’t off the hook,…yet…!
Thanking his teachers

Yes, it is a ‘den of thieves’.  60+ unbroken years of Democratic Party domination of state government and you get felons being greeted as distinguished alumni in the State House!

2 Responses to “Martha ‘Marsha’ Coakley Loses Again!”

  1. Proud Republican

    maybe she doesn’t want convictions

  2. Casey Chapman

    Perhaps she bungled on this one purposely to prove that they don’t always convict corrupt officials in this state. The exception that proves the rule.