Martha Coakley: Our Nightmare Scenario

Posted December 29th, 2009 by Iron Mike
This is the entry Glenn Beck discussed on his Jan 15th Radio show:

Martha Coakley wants to be your US Senator.  Don’t let her smile fool you,  it’s our nightmare scenario.  Martha represents the worst of bottom-feeding ruthless, unprincipled, and utterly ambitious Democrat politicians.  Beware,  she sees that senate seat as a mere stepping stone.

So what’s not to like about Martha?

Health Care:  She’s promised on her web site and in debates and campaign stops that she’ll vote for the ObamaCare bill.  She hasn’t read it.  Duh! 

Protecting Kids:   Uh-huh!  She’s been a strident supporter of “Reproductive Rights” – meaning abortionincluding late-term and partial birth abortion, – yet she claims to be a “children’s advocate”.   She’s a champion on the pro-abortion Emily’s List.  She testified to increase the buffer zone around abortion clinics, then defended the law before the First Circuit.

She has refused to implement the full measure of even our watered-down version of Jessica’s Law.  In 1995 she let pedophile priest Father Geoghan off with just a year of “probation”,  and never contacted the archdiocese to see what else they had on him.  This prosecutorial negligence gave Geoghan another seven years to continue molesting boys.

Tough Prosecutor?   Nah, she cherry-picks the high-profile cases.

  1997:  Tried 19 year old British nanny Louise Woodward for 1st degree murder – the shaken baby case.  She overplayed her hand and the jury convicted Woodward of 2nd degree murder, which a judge promptly overturned.  Coakley had seen this as a national stage, a career stepping stone,  and put our state through an unnecessary and expensive trial.

  2001:  The Fells Acres Paroles highlight perfectly Martha’s poor legal judgment and ruthless abuse of power for personal gain.  Both in Massachusetts and California the 1980s saw a national hysteria over “day care abuse”,  which had spawned a cottage industry of “child abuse experts” who were “qualified” to elicit testimony from young children.

The 1984 Fells Acres case marked the high tide of the witch hunt.  If you don’t remember:  By the end of the 90s, the “victims” – now grown up were coming forward to say there never was any abuse, and they’d only said so to stop the “experts” from pestering them.   When a 2001 parole board voted 5-0 to commute Gerald Amirault’s sentence to time served,  Martha stepped in and created a firestorm to stop his release.  Weak-spined Governor Jane Swift was cowed into keeping Amirault locked up for another three years.  He is still classified as a Level 3 offender.  But Martha got lots of TV time.

  2002:  The Edgewater Technologies workplace massacre was the most open-and-shut case ever handed a DA.  But Martha’s prosecution was so tedious and boring it took the jury three days to convict Michael McDermott of pre-meditated murder of seven co-workers.  And despite being up close and personal to this animal, soulless Martha remains opposed to the death penalty.

Corruption:  Three Democrat speakers of the house are indicted in a row, along with several members of the state legislature.  Attorney General Martha Coakley is missing in action, but her office has three media assistants.

US Military:   Her only stated positions – ever – have been anti-war,  and that she intends to force a repeal of Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell.  This from know-it-all Martha with ZERO military exposure.

Foreign Policy:  When asked during a debate what foreigh policy expertise she might bring to the Senate, – she said[don’t laugh]  she “has a sister who lives overseas”.

Global Warming:  Martha is a firm believer in man-made global warming, and has stated that she supports Cap and Trade.  She clearly doesn’t understand what that will do to our few remaining industries here in Massachusetts. [They’ll go bye-bye – pronto!]

There is more, – but this should be enough.   Voters need to understand the dynamics of this election.  Martha would keep Dirty Harry Reid’s super-majority intact,  so he could continue to steamroll socialist legislation through the Senate.  Scott Brown would be in a position to slow down or stop that insanity.

With the huge bribes being offered for Senate votes lately, – either one would be in a position to become instantly wildly rich – for life.   Which one do you trust to “do the right thing”?

And, . . . with John Ketchup Kerry angling to succeed Hillary as SecState [to ease the smuggling of the family fortune offshore] whoever wins is likely to soon be our senior senator.

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

UPDATE:  5 November 2014   Martha Coakley LOST her race to be Governor of Massachusetts to RiNO Charlie Baker.

15 Responses to “Martha Coakley: Our Nightmare Scenario”

  1. Bert

    I’m moving to Western MA either this fall or next, and while I generally know what I’m getting into in blue MA (but what to do – the wife wants to be close to her family), your post is a real eye-opener. This woman has been a disaster for the state, and does not deserve national office. I don’t know if I’ll be able to vote against, but I certainly will contribute to her opponent.

  2. Roux

    She looks like an attractive Janet Reno and we know how well that worked out. Reno boosted her career with day care abuse prosecutions.

  3. Bobby G

    Bert & Roux— Martha is like the wife from the old Saturday Nite Live Commercial Parody “Angora Bouquet” the tranquilizer infused face cream that washes your brain while you wash your face.

  4. pharmacy technician

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  6. cindy

    bye bye Coakley

  7. Ned Flanders

    Well,neighboroonie…it sounds like Coakley isn’t okley dokley is she?

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  9. Cathy G

    Praying for Massachusetts to throw this person out! May the people get their seat back…we are depending on you! We need our country back…

  10. Barbara Worthley

    If Scott Brown wins, Mary Jo Kopechne will be smiling in heaven.

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