Martha Coakley Needs A New Gig

Posted September 25th, 2019 by Iron Mike

The old Democrat whore quit her day job in April and signed on as a lobbyist,  – to convince the Trump Administration that vaping was a safe alternative to smoking.  But kids were getting deathly sick,  – and some were dying.

Will Foley Hoag take her back,…or will she go to work for the Squaw?   She was always a shitty lawyer,  – so no surprise she never studied the possible evils of vaping before she signed on.

As a Democrat, – it’s no surprise that Coakley never considered that vaping and JUUL ~ might ~ be just as bad – – even worse? – – than smoking.  She was looking at the money,  – and maybe not having to go to court again.

Did she EVER consider that BAD PEOPLE might put BAD THINGS in product refills?   As our former AG, – has she no experience with the illegal drug business?

RRB predicts that millions of mostly young / poor / student Americans are already firmly addicted to vaping, – and will continue to put crap in their pipes. The Genie is out of the bottle.

Coakley was always an unethical and shitty lawyer.  Then she signed on to lobby for poison – without doing any due diligence or research.  What will she do for a living now?

One Response to “Martha Coakley Needs A New Gig”

  1. panther 6

    Never smoked but found this vaping stuff with all the smoke flying around a bit annoying. Now it would seem that there is something wrong with this stuff and agree that is should be shut down until they determine what is causing all these deaths.