Martha Coakley: “Katie who…?”

Posted October 2nd, 2014 by Iron Mike

Katie Prisco-Buxbaum: “Campaign finance laws?  Um, no thanks!”Katie Prisco-Buxbaum
Isn’t it funny how big government Democrats never think laws and rules they’ve been part of passing – actually apply to them?

So Ms. Katie is an up-and coming political wonk – a Democrat horse-holder working for Martha Coakley.

Except, (Oops!) she’s legally working for Special Interest PAC MassNOW, – or maybe it’s ActBlue…?

Now who was the fellow Coakley took to court just three years ago – something about campaign irregularities…?

Oh, that’s right – it was  our former Democratic State Treasurer – Tim Cahill – who was going to challenge Deval Patrick for governor in 2010, – first as a Democrat, – then as an ‘Independent”…

Coakley charged Cahill with misusing Lottery funds to put his face on TV in ads for the Lottery….

So will Coakley be investigating young Ms. Hyphenated?

I seem to remember another abusive Coakley staffer who was never investigated…

Coakley Never Saw This

You see,  rules and laws don’t apply to Democrats,  – particularly insiders.  Poor Cahill was never one of the insiders. It cost him a ton of $$ to learn that lesson.

Ever see a Democrat drive past you – in a Prius of course – talking on their cell phone as if cars, pedestrians and trees are obligated to stay out of their right-of-way…?

Hey Katie, – if things go South – guess who’s going to be flung under the bus?

Got an attorney yet?   Maybe Tim could recommend one…   Who’s going to be paying your legal fees?  I hear that Bill Weld needs paying clients…   Aah,  the joys of one-party government!

If you don’t live here in Massachusetts – you’re lucky!  But just FYI, Martha Coakley is our current Attorney General, – who just lost BIG cases before the Mass Supreme Court AND the US Supreme Court, – in the SAME week.

She ran for the US Senate seat vacated by Fat Teddy, – losing to Scott Brown. She did not run for that seat again in the regular election of 2012,  “Senator Squaw” defeated Brown – and chased him north to New Hampshire.

When Obama picked Lurch the Gigolo to be SecState [his 2nd choice after Susan Rice],  Coakley did not challenge Congressman Ed ‘the Ice Cream Man’ Markey in the primary.  Markey easily won that race against “Navy SEAL”.  Markey is being ‘challenged’ in the regular election by RiNOcRAT Brian Herr….

Now she’s running for Governor, against RiNOcRAT Charlie Baker, and several polls have them tied…

Corruption? Coakley can’t see it!  And why bother, – since MassHoles expect their elected and appointed officials to be either inept or corrupt – or BOTH!


UPDATE:   Monday 3 April 2017  It seems Ms. Katie’s résumé is getting around – somebody with a US Senate IP []  was on today.  The Squaw?  Markey?

UPDATE:   Monday 18 Feb 2019   It seems our Campaign Crook Katie gets around – climbing the political ladder with other scurrilous Democrats.

It came to our attention that since departing MassHole she’s worked for both Senator Kamala Harris and Governor Gavin Newsom. So which Presidential Campaign will she sully….

These campaign crooks are like cockroaches – they’re everywhere!

4 Responses to “Martha Coakley: “Katie who…?””

  1. Rob Cappucci

    Democrats have the option to pay higher taxes at year’s end, but don’t. Democrats have the option of moving illegal aliens with diseases into their homes, but don’t. Democrats have the option of moving to North Korea, China, Cuba or Venezuela, but don’t.

    Democrats have the option of cheating at the polls on election day, use public unions as slave labor for campaigns, and enjoy a media cheerleading frenzy to keep them in office perpetually to pass laws they never follow themselves to exploit the masses they force on to Democrat plantations as their overlords in total control of power, – and this is the option they always follow.

  2. Kojack

    Rob, great post!!!

  3. Casey Chapman

    Also of note—-the Democrats run attack ads all year long and expect the Republicans to just take it. Yet, when that pac finally put an ad out, pointing out the connections between Coakley and the corruption in the DCF—–Whiney,whiney,whiney. To the point, that Jeff Kuhner, on his radio show friday, played a crying baby while talking about it. I love it.