Market Scare? Or P-A-N-I-C ?

Posted February 5th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Despite super economic news,  near-panicked selling drops the stock markets.

Somehow Democrats will blame Trump,  – but I think they were selling off to take a quick profit,  – and maybe to hire defense lawyers.

4 Responses to “Market Scare? Or P-A-N-I-C ?”

  1. Vic

    a correction was overdue – no big deal – still over 24000

  2. Kojack

    Ironically, the drop was partially caused by higher wages affecting the bottom line. Still no big deal.

    I find it amusing how lib-TURDs want to credit Obysmal with the meteoric rise of the DOW and simultaneously blame Trump for the OVER DUE CORRECTION. They’re calling it the Trump Slump. If not for double standards, lib-TURDs wouldn’t have any.

  3. MC

    Would anyone be surprised if Soros had his fingers in this somewhere?

  4. GreenBeretLTC

    Right on, MC. Smells of the business plan of a Soros-Buffett-Etc. cabal.

    With the Dow up 33% since the election, why not sell and take the profit? Then watch for the smoke to settle, and at 24,000 buy back at a 25% discount.

    Stocks and Investing,101…..