Mark Pompeo Unloads On WikiLeaks

Posted April 13th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The Australian troublemaker recently compared himself to Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Dwight Eisenhower….

CIA Director Mike Pompeo calls him out – as a narcissist,  backed by Russia.  Eight minutes of the bluntest talk you’ve ever heard…

Young Americas aren’t used to Government Officials giving them the straight talk. 

After the eight years of Obama, – they’re used to lies and double-talk.

You’d have to be nearly my age to remember back when patriots were running our Government.

2 Responses to “Mark Pompeo Unloads On WikiLeaks”

  1. Mt Woman

    So refreshing and invigorating to hear real people responding to issues of importance. GOD Bless America and our adults in charge!!!

  2. Catherine

    I did not have time to listen to the whole thing. However, whatever else is (or is not) true about Mr. Assange (and I have never been one of his supporters) it is true that his leaked emails from jp and hrc etc were instrumental in eroding support for the viciously anti-American dhimmicrat candidate last fall. I cannot but applaud those specific actions.