Mark Milley: Rogue General, Or Writer’s Pawn?

Posted September 15th, 2021 by Iron Mike

For generations Democraps feared a military coup would topple presidents like Truman, JFK, LBJ, Carter, Clinton, and Obama.
Now – if we’re to believe Woodward,  – the coup was against the most
Republican and pro-America president in our History!    Believable?

Woodward’s book isn’t out yet, but he’s leaked juicy stories to pump up sales and pre-orders.


Fearing Trump would order some sort of nuclear strike against the Chinese, Milley sat key officers down – delivered a lecture – and warned them NOT TO EXECUTE ANY ORDER FROM TRUMP,  – unless it came through HIM.

Since he’s NOT in the national command chain of command – that act alone would constitute mutiny.


In the turmoil following the election of 2020,  and fearing Trump would order a strike, – – Milley called his Chinese counterpart – General Li Zuocheng to assure him that despite the current turmoil,  America was essentially stable….

AND that he – General Milley – would call and warn General Zoucheng before any attack on China was to be launched….

That ANY American soldier would promise to give our sworn enemy early warning is unthinkable treason.

AGAIN we ask, – how good are Woodward’s sources?

NOTE:  Our NSA (National Security Agency) would have monitored that/those calls – so in the end we can verify,  – perhaps listen to the tapes.

To think that all this time we were worried about what was (and what isn’t left) inside China Joe Biden’s head,….when it seems that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs was / is the sick one!

Even before Biden’s fucked up and totally botched Afghanistan bug-out began, Milley should have made a highly public resignation.

For staying and allowing it to proceed – he should resign, – and perhaps be court-martialed.

If Woodward’s stories are true,  Milley should be court-martialed and spend his dying days in Leavenworth.

4 Responses to “Mark Milley: Rogue General, Or Writer’s Pawn?”

  1. Joe

    Snake traitor. The chairman of the joint chiefs = no loyalty, no honor, no dignity.

  2. Jim Ettwein

    The liberal media is falling all over themselves declaring the new American hero, Mark Milley. Ridiculous.

  3. Kojack

    I wouldn’t waste my time or $$ on a Woodward book. He has been lying for decades. However, he is telling the truth concerning Benedict Milley as Milley has defended his actions in the book, according to Craig Kelly on Newsmax. Resignation or court martial is not enough. Milley should be hanged for treason.

  4. MC

    Thinking of what has happened in the last few months.. Was this the plan from the start. Obama “retired” over 197 high ranking members of the military. (list of link below to 2014) Were these the officers they felt wouldn’t go along with their future plans. (as well as intel that younger officers with conflicting views were given bad evaluation reports.)

    Obama’s ‘go along’ attitude about the CCP and his desire to reduce our country’s security always made me wonder. Now it becomes clear that Milley was one of their minions. Making that even more obvious is the fact that China is now in negotiations for Bagram and this administrations cavalier attitude to our allies and those left behind.

    Who actually is ‘running’ the WH’s puppet.