Mark Levin: 7 Minutes Of Truth

Posted September 27th, 2019 by Iron Mike

These are desperate times for the Left – they’re pulling out all the stops to scuttle Trump (they’d like to see him in prison) and have some Democrat ANY Democrat win the White House in 2020 – along with the Senate.

Video below the fold – worth your time:

With the left-wing media and the public school teachers all against Trump – and really against our Constitutional Republic, – your kids are going to get an earful of SHIT on a daily basis.

Now YOU must be the Voice of Reason and TRUTH in their lives, or our Nation will be lost.

For instance, yesterday sleazy shifty Congressman Adam Schiff read an outright LIE into the Congressional Record WITH A STRAIGHT FACE, – as if he were reading the actual transcript of the Trump-Zelensky phone call.

Take 7 minutes – listen to Mark:


POWER! The House, the Senate, the WH, and the COURT!

YOUR GUNS: Because they rightfully fear armed and angry Citizens coming for them;  – they intend to RULE,  – not merely ‘govern’.

TOTAL CONTROL of EVERYTHING:  In this they are no different from Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, or any other dictators in History.  Give them POWER,  and they’ll be telling you where you can live,  what your house can be made of,  and how it is to be heated,  what you can wear, drive, and eat.

Your health care will be rationed according to your perceived ‘worth to society‘.

Your freedom to have children will be restricted, as Mao did in China.

The ideas and plans of the Left are NOT NEW,  – they’ve been around for over 100 years!


To achieve POWER, the Left advances a number of phony issues to run on,  – to make you believe that “they care”,…when they really don’t…  But kids fall for it.

Free and Fair Elections:    A joke to them.

The Environment & Global Warming:  It’s just a ploy,  they KNOW it’s a hoax.

Education:  Schools should be used to produce mindless voting robots,  – not thinkers who can make a living on their own.

Social Justice:  Just a ploy to divide us and pit us against each other.

Children:  Why else keep ABORTION MILLS running…?

Veterans & the Elderly:  They hate anybody who has lived through WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, and who might educate the young.  You Old People are just using up resources, taking up space, – and deprogramming their voting robots.

Blacks:  Hell FOOL, the Democrat Party was FOUNDED to preserve SLAVERY!  What do you think Welfare and EBT Cards are?

Mexicans & Hispanics:  They still need maids,  yard crews,  and dish-washers in their fancy restaurants.

Police & Public Safety:   NOT their problem, – their elites live in gated communities and well-guarded big-city apartments and condos.  “Just dial 9-1-1…”

5 Responses to “Mark Levin: 7 Minutes Of Truth”

  1. Vic

    I think they have gone a bridge too far, this time. Mike, I’m not getting your updates in my inbox anymore – how do I re-subscribe?

  2. Ben

    What the democrats are doing is they want to impeach President Trump because if they can impeach him, he cannot appoint another Supreme Court Justice. They are evil people who should be voted into extinction.


    EXACTLY! Protecting Abortion and the Obama Legacy at ALL COSTS!

  3. STDCarriers

    This just seems like a big deal out of nothing. So what if he wanted a Ukranian to look into Biden. What is wrong with that?

  4. Jim Buba

    All I want for Christmas (2019 or 2020, it doesn’t matter) is clinton, obama, clapper, comey, brennan, schiff, and pelosi in pink jump suits, behind bars.

    (( of course the untimely passing of Ginsberg would be a plus. ))

  5. Leonard Mead

    Rush Limbaugh brilliantly named what the democrats are now doing is

    A COLD WAR — no shooting (yet!)


    Over and over this deathly war has played out as Mike describes:

    Brainwash the useful idiots that the government will make things FAIR for all. Just trust us. The “Rich” have too much we’re gonna give some to YOU.

    Oh, you don’t need any guns — we’ll protect you turn them in to us.

    We’ll provide for your health.

    When government elites start living like kings and the people starve (like Venezuela!) and the public complains — the government just SHOOTS YOU for your own good and that of the rest of society.