Mark Fisher Forced To Sue MassGOP

Posted April 2nd, 2014 by Iron Mike

What better way for Kaufman and the Mouseketeer to follow up on a failed convention – but to be taken to court for ballot-stuffing?
Fisher Complaint
This will surely motivate Independents and TEA Party Patriots to jump on the Baker Bandwagon, right Kirsten? 

You just oversaw three (3) special election losses yesterday due to low turnout – of our BASE!  Where’s the ‘leadership’?  Where’s the BEEF?

John WalshNo wonder John Walsh felt comfortable retiring as head of the MassDEMS,

– with you in charge he has nothing to worry about!

So Kirsten, – what are you going to tell the judge when Mark Fisher asks “Who made the calculation of how many blank ballots to toss into the box?”

Lying to loyal Republicans and RiNOs to get elected is one thing; – but lying under oath can get you jail time!

I guess we can see how 2014 will turn out, – and it’s only April!


Judge Douglas WilkinsUPDATE:  Friday 18 April Split Decision from Judge Douglas Wilkins: Did NOT give Fisher an immediate spot on the ballot, – but said he could continue collecting his needed 10,000 signatures, – AND granted him an immediate trial date!

Fisher is pleased, – the MassGOP RiNOcrats aren’t.

9 Responses to “Mark Fisher Forced To Sue MassGOP”

  1. Mark

    The MA GOP is useless. Go Mark Fisher.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Why would blank ballots be counted for ANYTHING??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm????????????
    Mark Fisher needs to sue and win. Let’s give him our support!

  3. Bobbi Newman

    You go Mark you are our candidate by choice I love what you are doing just say my prayers that you go after what you believe in .You got my support all ready you go go Mark hope to see you Saturday 5 at Karen’s Anderson’s pancake breakfast

  4. Kojack

    There is an official letter circulating among conservative republican’s demanding Kirsten’s resignation. Stay tuned.

    Ironically enough Rick Green is supporting Charlie Baker over Mark Fisher because Fisher is not a career politician.

  5. sad4magop

    Kirsten is resigning from the Mickey Mouse Club? Say it ain’t so! If your organization is going to be a complete and total embarrassment, you need to have an equally embarrassing leader. She is perfect for the job. Scott Brown is gone. He left her behind as a tribute to his stupidity.

  6. Kojack

    @sad4magop – I said in my previous comment that conservative GOP groups such MARA, which I belong to, and local GOP commitees are DEMANDING Kirsten Hughes resignation. If you would learn to read maybe YOU could stop HUMILIATING YOURSELF. You obviously are the beneficiary of a revisionist history/participation trophy education and are an affirmative action employee if you work at all.


    Easy Big Fella, – you may have not picked up on the scarcasm

    He’s one of the good guys!

  7. Kojack

    You’re right, Mike. I missed it completely.

    sad4magop, I offer my humble apologies.

  8. sad4magop

    Apology accepted.