Marco Rubio Flicks Off Lurch

Posted July 30th, 2011 by Iron Mike

This is a thing of simple beauty. Florida Senator Marco Rubio [likely a future president] delivers a powerfully simple speech. Twice he is interrupted by John Kerry –  who is trying to look relevant.

Marco sweeps the pompous arrogant fool aside with simple basic America logic.

3 Responses to “Marco Rubio Flicks Off Lurch”

  1. Prim

    So refreshing to hear someone with common sense speak.
    Thanks for posting this.

  2. Rabid Republican

    I sent a big TY to the guy on Rubio’s staff who sent this to me. Telling him it’s great to see what an acutal person with a spine looks like. rr

  3. dannap

    Thank you Senator Rubio, for your boldness in speaking the truth with clarity.