Marco Rubio KICKED ASS Today!

Posted August 24th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Florida – 9 AM update  Wed – 99% of precincts reporting

   For Governor:
Republican Rick Scott  will face Democrat Alex Sink

 For US Senate:
Marco Rubio will face RiNO Charlie Crist and Dem Kendrick Meek

Marco has 1,059,546 votes – that’s 148,848 more than the 4 Democrats combined!  No wonder Obama didn’t want to hang around Florida beaches!

In Arizona John McCain won the Republican primary . . . .

Arizona Congressional Races:

Dist 1:  Incumbent Ann Kirkpatrick [41K ] faces Paul Gospar [ 31% of 64K votes /8 Rs]

Dist 2:  John Thrasher [27K] faces Incumbent Trent Francis [ 81% of 85K votes]

Dist 3:  Jon Hulburd [22K] faces Ben Quayle [23% of 63K votes / 10 ran]

Dist 4:  Incumbent Ed Pastor [20K] may be safe against Janet Contreras [59% of 11K]

Dist 5:  Incumbent Harry Mitchell [24K] faces Dave Schweikert [39% of 59K / 6 ran]

Dist 6:  Incumbent Jeff Flake  [65% of 78K]   faces Rebecca Schneider [22k]

Dist 7:  Incumbent Socialist Raul Grijalva [95% of 30K]  faces Ruth McClung [50% of 27K]

Dist 8:  Incumbent Gaby Giffords [98% of 50K] will face Jessie Kelly [49% of 80K]

NOTE:  Districts 7 and 8 sit on the Mexican Border.  Grijalva is a out-and-out Socialist and open-border evangelist.  His district contains the “smuggler’s super-highway” through the national forests.  Gaby Giffords is a Pelosi Socialist, wife of an astronaut, and nearly as much an air-head as Niki Tsongas.  Jessie Kelly is a former Marine and strong conservative.  He beat out another Iraq war vet Jon Paton.  If these numbers hold in November, Dems could lose 5 seats!

Oh, the Governor’s race?  Jan Brewer 82% of 496K will face Dem Terry Goddard [98% of 250K]

You just know the Obama Cartel is unhappy this morning!

Lesson for Republicans:  Candidates with clear Conservative messages carried the day!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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