Marc & Lynne Benioff Buy A Dying Rag

Posted September 17th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Circulation of just over 2 million (less than People or National Geographic),  Time Magazine has been on the block for months,  – awaiting a left-wing fool with money to burn.

Salesforce Software founder Marc Benioff just paid $190 Million to keep Time afloat for another year or two – in hopes of unseating Trump.

Time is hardly the only weekly “news magazine” to have fallen on hard and desperate time in the computer age.

Like newspapers – they rely on paid subscriptions and ad revenue to stay afloat, – so when younger Americans are getting their news and social information from iPhones, – they’re not buying magazine subscriptions.

About the only place I see Time anymore is in the doctor’s office,  – where many waiting there won’t pick it up fearing germs.   I pick it up only to see how far Left the editors have taken it.

With a wealth of some $6.5 BILLION, Marc and his wife can afford to keep Time alive for awhile, – and write off the losses….

Edward Felsenthal’s memo to the Time employees seemed a little weak,  craven,  and pathetic yesterday,  – but I guess when you job is on the line….

Did I mention that Benioff has been a HEAVY left-wing donor – to Hillary and Paul Ryan…and others.  He gave the David Hogg March for Our Lives organization a Million Dollars.

Benioff may be a 21st Century high-tech genius,  – or just a guy who fell into a honey pot,….but he doesn’t wear his wealth with much humility.  I think Time can expect a LOT of “guidance and mentorship”….

One Response to “Marc & Lynne Benioff Buy A Dying Rag”

  1. Walter Knight

    Buying Time Magazine would be a great turn-around investment if the fake news stopped, and liberal editors were fired. Like Fox News, Time would then stand alone for reliable news reporting, capturing half the market.

    Are you kidding Walter? Benioff isn’t interested in “turning Time around”; he’s just bought (cheap) a giant megaphone so he can be just like Jeff Bezos. Come 2021 he’ll sell it at a loss and write it off his taxes.