Mara Gay: Scared Angry Black Woman?

Posted June 8th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Is she really afraid of American Flags,  – or is she just trying to play the RACE CARD for a little attention…?

How insulated has her upbringing been,  – that the sight of pickup trucks flying Old Glory on Long Island triggers her inner fears?  VIDEO:


Mara spent the years 2004 – 2008 at the University of Michigan.

Did she see any pickup trucks out there?

Any American Flags?    Any White People?

Somehow,…she survived all of that….. (we wonder how),

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At RRB we have a couple of CLUES for you Mara:

It’s NOT those White Guys in pickup trucks knocking up Black teen girls in America’s inner-city voter ghettos….

It’s NOT those White Guys in pickup trucks driving around Black inner city neighborhoods selling drugs and shooting Black teen gang members.

It’s NOT those White Guys in pickup trucks playing the Knock Down Game and slashing people in the subways,…is it Mara…?

What disturbs US Mara,  – is a college education was wasted on you,  – you’re an instinctive racist,  i.e. a Natural Democrat. 

4 Responses to “Mara Gay: Scared Angry Black Woman?”

  1. Jim Buba

    She can’t help it. Lots of anger for the people who are not crazy or racist like her

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    I’m triggered by weak-kneed, unconfident, incompetent whackos who’s only consolation is their victimhood.

    I’m triggered because, very regrettably, they are in government or otherwise influential environments where they can drag other week-kneed, unconfident, incompetent whackos down into their abyss.

    I guess misery loves company. Hey…grow a thicker skin, or, in the current environment where men can become women, and women can become men, even better, grow a pair of balls!

  3. Kojack

    If seeing Old Glory and white people upset her that much, than she should GET THE FUCK OUT!!! I suggest she move somewhere inhabited by her own kind, like Somalia or Liberia.

  4. panther6

    The woman is a blithering idiot capitalizing on the anti white sentiment and ideas of a few and by such getting her moment in the sun. Still she is a blithering idiot and she should go live in Somalia for awhile to see what real injustice is.