Manchin-Toomey Gun Amendment Defeated!

Posted April 17th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Good guys squeak out a 5446 win.  Thank God!
Good Guys Win
A whole LOT of PATRIOTS lobbied VERY HARD for this, bucking the emotion and the frenzy that followed Sandy Hook.   Now let’s try a bill for armed guards and armed teachers.  And beware of the spite from Obama! We have some stupid and unpatrotic gun-grabbing senators to rid ourselves of next year too!

3 Responses to “Manchin-Toomey Gun Amendment Defeated!”

  1. Casey Chapman

    I am willing to bet, that our “Dear Leader” will try to go around the Constitution, and do this gun control thing by executive order.
    On the one hand, I’m glad he’s bothering to attend the service this morning for the victims of the marathon explosion—-which is a crime, not a tragedy. On the other hand, he couldn’t bother to attend Mrs. Thatcher’s funeral. Shameful, but typical of him.

  2. Beatrice

    The first thing that comes to mind when I observed the look on Obama’s face is what Executive Orders will be signed today to get back. He is a very vindictive person.

  3. jlflick

    To the takers an executive order makes him a hero.
    To the givers it makes him a criminal.