Manchester NH: Commies Convene Today

Posted September 7th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Doors are already OPEN!  They’re gathering at the SNHU Auditorium,  – where Trump drew Ten Thousand Patriot just 24 days ago,  – to hear 10-minute canned speeches from the DNC’s Survivor Island.

They all want the POWER to reshape our Constitutional Republic into a Third World Socialist Shithole.  They’re shameless!
In military terms, “a Target Enriched Area!”  UPDATED:

Rank and File Democrats are screwed!

What’s the REAL choice?  A lying fake squaw or a senile serial liar and groper?

Between the Party Insiders and the Media,  they have no voice or vote in the outcome.   But they’ll turn out when ordered,  carry the signs and wear the T-Shirts,  – and pretend they give a shit.

And the NY Time and the Washington Post will keep treating them like children and telling them who they should be voting for…

Hey Democrats,…can you THINK for YOURSELVES? 

5 Responses to “Manchester NH: Commies Convene Today”

  1. panther 6

    The demorats have put together a true gaggle of losers. The country will reject them I feel certain.

  2. Vic

    one well-placed claymore………….

  3. jim

    So, if they fill the arena, it will reflect that each of them contributed 10% of the total. Not even close to what Trump did alone. They can’t do it alone, you see. They don’t have the brains. They don’t have the popularity. They don’t have the cajones. (Regardless of gender… because, as we all know, it depends on how one feels upon arising in the morning.) 🙂

  4. Knight Knight

    The Village Idiot can probably call in the most favors, if he can remember.

  5. Kojack

    The most concerning issue for the attendees of this political circus is determining which bathroom to use.