Malik Antonio Koval: Lucky Desperado

Posted July 28th, 2018 by Iron Mike

There was an act of uncommon heroism in Falmouth Friday evening,  when a 21-year old career asshole pulled a gun and shot two cops,  – hitting them both before they could unholster their weapons.

In that split second they had options,  – and they chose to wound the young perp instead of killing him.   Malik Antonio Koval now has a chance to reform his life, – but probably won’t.

DA Michael O’Keefe has a choice too. Koval already has a record of run-ins with police.

On June 5th 2016 – he led Mashpee Police on a high-speed motorcycle chase – (57 in a 30) – the cycle was uninsured and he was unlicensed – and he had marijuana.

Then on Sat Nov 25th last year he led Westerly RI cops on a high-speed chase – and again was found with marijuana.

Thus his disrespect for the law was already established when he pulled a handgun and fired at the Falmouth cops who came to investigate the disturbance he was creating.

Will O’Keefe charge this hostile young man with two counts of attempted murder of a police officer, – or settle for something less – like “Assault”.

Having shot and hit two cops – Koval will be a hero in the slammer.  Since he won’t get life, – you can bet he’ll be violent once he gets out…

Funny how all our Massachusetts GUN LAWS kept a gun from Malik’s dangerous hands….

Think Tall Deval has visited the cops yet…?

5 Responses to “Malik Antonio Koval: Lucky Desperado”

  1. Hawk1776

    So why is society better off with this kid alive?


    Because the Black Lives Matter commies can’t use it as “…another case of cops gunning down a brown kid – for no reason”.

  2. Kojack

    I agree with Hawk, they should have taken him out. Because of the lib-TURD judges who are appointed to their positions as rewards for aiding in the corruption of the lib-TURD pols elected by MASSHOLES, this POS will most likely get out on good behavior and kill someone in the future. BLM will use it anyway to showcase police brutality.

  3. Panther 6

    BLM may try to make this kid into an abused and preyed upon, by the cops, lad but they will fail. Malik should be kissing the feet of the officers who spared his worthless life. He will be a drain on society in the years ahead if he should live so long.

  4. Sherox

    Was the gun a legal one? If not, how did he get it?


    DA O’Keefe is unlikely to issue any details, – but at 21 years old and no job – young Malik was likely already in the Cape Cod drug trade – which necessitates having a gun. Two things are abundant on the Cape: drugs and guns.

    Gun laws…? WHAT ‘Gun Laws’?

  5. GreenBeretLTC

    Sadly, this scumbag will remain eligible to pollute the human gene pool. Equally sad is, absent premeditation, this low-life POS probably faces a maximum of ten years for attempted murder (maybe times two because he shot two officers….) and will be back on the street while young enough to spread his scum….

    God bless those wounded police officers, but Malik Antonio Koval is one lucky punk lots of other people weren’t the guys he shot….