Making a stand for capitalism…

Posted June 14th, 2012 by Jim Ettwein

Ryan, Brendan, and Ella... and their famous lemonade stand!

Today I traveled out to Lowell to do my part for the future of America.  I met 3 budding entrepreneurs: Ryan, 3; Brendan, 5; and Ella, 4.  I pulled over to the curb when I saw their lemonade stand.  

On a hot day their ice cold lemonade tasted great.  At 25 cents it was a bargain.  These kids were learning one of life’s lessons… If you have a product that someone else wants, they’ll pay you for it.  They were having fun, too.  Oh, and I didn’t notice any permits, licenses… Just good lemonade!  (I’ve withheld their names to protect them from the government agents that would surely stop by…)  If you want to stop by, visit and find their Lowell location.  BTW… I drove 20 miles to get there… and I wasn’t the most distant traveler… they had a customer from Gloucester!   rr

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