Make The Decision Deval!

Posted April 29th, 2014 by Iron Mike

For a guy who thinks he’s good enough to be President – Deval Patrick can’t make a decision or pull the trigger.
Deval Patrick's Legacy - Dead Kids
Deval, it’s way past time for Olga Roche to go. FIRE HER!

We know Deval likes to hire fat chicks, – he hired a ton of them.

Bigby McGovern Heffernan  Cabral  Killins  Roche

When he finally had to fire Heffernan – well damnhe made her a judge – and replaced her with another – fatter – chick.

Dukakis HortonHey Deval, – remember how the name Willie Horton haunted that other MassHole – Michael Dukakis?

Well, the growing list of dead babies and the Justina Pelletier kidnapping are going to haunt YOU!

And now, since the State Legislature leaders, the AG, even SEIU 509 – have all come out in favor of firing Roche,…what are you waiting for?

Your inane statement yesterday – you “didn’t just want to throw a scalp to the crowd” shows how little you care about KIDS!

We don’t just want her scalp Deval, we want her head, – her entire damned incompetent uncaring head!   Yours too!


REALITY CHECK PEOPLE: Patrick is correct about one thing; – just firing Roche will hardly solve the DCF problem. There ARE GOOD PEOPLE THERE; – but there are too many political hires [democrats] – just there for an easy day and an early disability retirement.

Whoever takes over DCF will have to clean the RATS OUT!

That make more political courage and political clout than our union-controlled legislature is willing to muster.

Roche Resigns

So Deval, just how FAT will her replacement be?

NOW WE KNOW: Is he predictable – or what?
Erin Deveney - Fat Chick

2 Responses to “Make The Decision Deval!”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Heard he FINALLY accepted her resignation today! NOw—-how incompetent will her replacement be? Also, how fat, perhaps? It’s a sure bet, that he’ll only consider black women for the job. That’s his litmus test, clearly.

  2. Varvara

    She is gone. NPR news 45 mins ago.