Maine’s Baby Butchers Threaten Susan Collins

Posted September 12th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Maine’s collection of Weird Women – AKA the Maine People’s Alliance,  – has crowd-funded over $1,000,000.oo to fund some future 2020 challenger.  Collins won her THIRD re-election in 2014 with 68.4% of the vote.

At RRB we don’t want to marginalize women with unfortunate conditions,  – but these women seem to feel that their lives depend on government-funded baby-killing.
We must ask, – WHO is impregnating these women?  video:

When Christian civilization had deteriorated to the point that KILLING A BABY is somehow “a Woman’s RIGHT”,   – you are living in an evil pagan culture.

CLUE for the Maine People’s Alliance: 

Don’t want to be Pregnant?  Don’t have sex with men!  Particularly not your male relatives

Seems there’s been way too much of that in the past up there….


Any of you smelling that Soros money…?

One Response to “Maine’s Baby Butchers Threaten Susan Collins”

  1. Kojack

    I don’t think anyone in that video has to worry about getting knocked up.