Maine Hires A Snarky Globalist Corruptocrat!

Posted May 31st, 2019 by Iron Mike

Proving again that turds float to the surface, the University of Maine System just hired former Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy as their new Chancellor…

Malloy raised taxes,  drove business and industry OUT of the state,  signed various anti-gun laws,  and turned the already broke little state into a sanctuary for illegals.
RRB predicts a bad future for poor Maine.

Given his über-left politics, we’re surprised Malloy didn’t seek a job with the Russian-backed Maduro regime down in Venezuela….where he’d be right at home.

With the mess that former Congressman Marty Meehan has made of the UMass System, we should be glad that Malloy is off the market….

…except that we think Marty’s long-time congressional sidekick – newly unemployed Bloody Mike Capuano – is eyeing that job.

Malloy, Meehan, Capuano,…constant proof that there’s always something else for a socialist to ruin…always another way to rip off the taxpayers, – so long as average people avoid running the numbers….

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