Ma$$Hole$ Vote For MORE DEBT!

Posted March 21st, 2013 by Iron Mike

9 voted NOMarkey, Lynch all NINE Congressional Ma$$Hole$ vote ‘NO” on the very simple Continuing Resolution… 

Why? Not enough new taxes. They want more taxes and more spending!

Remember; Markey and Lynch are campaigning right now for the US Senate seat Lurch left empty [hell, – it was empty all the days he sat in it], – so voters should ask them:  Congressman, how much is enough?  When does America go bankrupt?”

The vote was 221 – 207 – 4. 


These nine clowns just can’t spent your money fast enough.





2 Responses to “Ma$$Hole$ Vote For MORE DEBT!”

  1. Tom

    They did exactly as they were told by Pelosi. These idiots just don’t get it. They haven’t submitted a budget in four years, they never saw a tax they didn’t support, the enemy is anyone that makes an honest living, but in this black and blue, blue state, they are consistently reelected by the moonbat electorate.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Those idiots wouldn’t know an original thought if it reached right up and bit them on the a$$. I’m voting for Sullivan. Everybody should join me on that point.