Maginn’s Arrogance Begets A Lawsuit!

Posted August 24th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Former Jenzabar CFO claims
co-mingling of funds!

For a short man, Robert A. Maginn Jr. carries himself with the arrogance of a Napoleon.  I think having made a fortune at Bain probably made him more arrogant.

When he swept into office as Chairman of the MassGOP, his arrogance was on full display.  He was ungracious in victory, and dismissive of the concerns of conservatives.  Then he arranged to nullify the election of the Ronald Reagan convention delegates.

Now payback [Karma] comes in a lawsuit filed by a former Jenzabar employee.  It just ~ might ~ send him to jail.

The suit filed in Suffolk Superior Court by former Jenzabar CFO Alan McDonald alleges a series of SEC and Campaign Finance violations, – mostly the intermingling of funds between the MassGOP and publicly-held Jenzabar. 

If Massachusetts is considered Mitt Romney’s ‘political base’, – this is the last kind of publicity he needs. 

One thing is for sure – Frank McNamara would never have made these kinds of political blunders.  So all the Old Guard MassGOP RiNO committee critters who so willingly sold their votes last November – this is largely on YOU!  Don’t you remember ignoring the campaign donations Maginn had made to Deval Patrick and Chuck Schumer?

   So what exactly has Maginn done wrong?

It will take a jury to decide, but the basics in the lawsuit charge that Maginn recklessly used Jenzabar payroll funds to hire the two Peters [former congressmen Peter Blute and Peter Torkildsen] to do MassGOP work, – in exchange for large donations from each to the MassGOP. 

He then named them as ‘unpaid’ Co-Chairs of the MassGOP… 

THEN he contributed $250,000 of Jenzabar money to a pro-Romney super-PAC ‘Restore Our Future’.  A jury will decide it this huge amount was in the interest of Jenzabar’s stockholders.

In doing these things, Maginn was treating Jenzabar as HIS company, not a publicly held one.  That is considered a violation of his fiduciary duties.  So he could be looking at a federal criminal conviction and a federal civil conviction.

Because all this will surely attract the attention of politically ambitious US Attorney for Massachusetts – Carmen Ortiz.  

It’s a perfect deal for her to go after, – she can claim to be ‘even-handed’ – going after Republicans while going after the Democrats in the Probation Department jobs-for-campaign-donations scheme.

Maginn and the RiNOs who elected him may have just made Ortiz the next governor of Massachusetts!

And at JUST the right moment – all of this will hit the MSM, – timed perfectly to embarrass the Romney-Ryan ticket. 

So instead of Maginn being the author of a state-wide GOP campaign theme which would help our state-wide Republican candidates, – it seems he is the author of a state-wide election-time embarrassing scandal. Nice going Runty!  Really frickin’ nice going! 

Hey Runty, WHERE is our state-wide GOP Message?

To make matters worse – his wife Ling Chai [who last year was cozy with Occupy Boston] is an officer of Jenzabar – and she is named in the lawsuit.  No spousal immunity – she’ll have to testify.

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!


10 Responses to “Maginn’s Arrogance Begets A Lawsuit!”

  1. sad4magop

    This is what we call ‘snatching defeat from the jaws of Victory’. Only the MASS GOP could screw something up this badly.

  2. Jim Buba

    There are a few certainties in life. In this case, it will not be the letter of the law that is important, just the print-mileage one may gain by saying anything or everything and then letting a jury decision bail them out.

    When asked, one of our own came forth with a wonderful rendition of events as we know them this very moment. Mr. Wilson pointed emphatically that it is a Civil Matter and therefore results in some blah-blah over which none of us will celebrate. Even in the worst case, Mr. Maginn may have to resign or be removed from his duties at Jenzabar.

    That part works great until the crux of the case is made record by ruling or decision. Then in that worst cast scenario, it begs to be elevated to a Federal Elections issue, from which there is no escape regardless of outcome.

    Both sides sufficiently energized, I can liken this to rumors of Blabbs Schultz getting read the riot act by flagging CNN reporter, Anderson Cooper. Some people think this is a good thing, that Blabbs got her clock cleaned. However honest Blabbs could have been, she didn’t lie when she said she knew it was a lie, just so long as the agenda is moved forward.

    In the end, Blabbs will have had her say and that is all the people will remember in November. The same is true of this Jenzabar flap. The people will not remember anything except; MA-GOP, Elections Fraud and Romney. With the grace of God, we can pray that it is limited to Massachusetts or that the voters really don’t care about that crap.

    Jim Buba

  3. Kim

    Many State Committee Members supported Maginn for his fundraising abilities over Frank McNamara’s organizing abilities. Just like D.C., it’s time for some long-term thinkers to take over. I’d like to see Maginn step aside and the State Committee put McNamara in the seat for the good of our candidates. To the State Committee Members who supported Frank – it’s time to start advocating for a change. To those who supported Maginn, those ‘fundraising’ abilities can end up hurting more than helping our candidates – even if he is cleared of any wrong doing, because that won’t happen before the election.

  4. Jim Buba

    The above Globe article explains that Mr. MacDonald worked for Jenzabar for a time and has not been working there since 2009. All of this pre-dates the Maginn/MA-GOP relationship.

    While there is room for speculation over allegations and such, the truth of the matter will come from the details; devil or not, that Mr. MacDonald owns nothing but options in the company and believes them to be valued much higher than any of the bids to effect a buy-out by Jenzabar principals.

    I also cannot find any reference on NYSE, NASDAQ or foreign exchanges that list as public company, the referenced organization. While true it may in fact be a company with a board, stock and some value, none of that is in the public domain and thus its value; or MacDonald’s loss or damages, are not easily determined or proved.

    This still does not close the doors to linkage between Jenzabar, Maginn and campaign donations, for which the settlement to close this affair will be scrutinized such that it in no way becomes a tax fraud issue over deductions.

    Mr. Tait, MA OCPF is correct and accurate. I expected nothing less. That said, you can be certain that OCPF will be scouring the records to determine that every quid has a quo and none of the quo appeared as reductions of income which then becomes tax fraud.

  5. TeaTime

    Business as usual from the deceptiCONs in Massachusetts. Is Scott Brown and Mitt Romney asking for Maginn’s resignation??? chirp – chirp

  6. Rabid Republican

    How sad that our state GOP cannot manage itself. It’s hubris toward the voter is dishonorable. Those loyal to the State GOP get rewarded with stories in the press that indicate that MassGOP is out of control. To have illegalities thrown up against it is inconscionable. To pose as an arm of the Republican Party is rude. There is no semblance of conservatism in MassGOP. There is no rule of law… it’s just an organization of men. Duly chosen candidates are cast aside like a worn shoe. Other candidates who didn’t take part are given their seats.
    I am recommending that ALL MY TEA PARTY cohorts vote against any of the Republicans in the upcoming elections. We have to clean house. We have to get our house in order. Exceptions, of course, would be Senator Brown and Mitt Romney. It is essential that we get out the vote for them.

  7. Dave


    This truly is sad. And what’s worse, so far, Massachusetts Republicans just keep providing silent consent to the ambitions of MassGOP insiders. I think this is largely due to confusion over Party reform and the timing of such efforts.

    Every time I see a fellow Republican get to the point where they just can’t morally or ethically support someone and speaks of seeking change (reform), some big-shot establishment hack intervenes and tells the disenfranchised Republican that “now is not the time.” They’ll tell you that your disruption will harm the campaign of all Republican candidates and attempt to name YOU as the cause of this pending tragedy.

    Until now, good Republicans (usually conservatives), gobbled up the elitist BS and remained subservient to their mind-numbing embellishments.

    If you ask any establishment figure when it would be a good time for reform……the answer is always NEVER!

    It’s now time to WAKE UP….PUT ON YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES…..and inform (not ask) the MassGOP that WE SET THE SCHEDULE FOR PARTY REFORM…..and that time is NOW!

    A very small hand full of insiders are being protected by an extremely weak and dwindling pack of local lapdogs. They still bark loud, but their tails are firmly tucked between their legs.

    If THEY want Party unity……I say we give it to them.

    The perfect time for widespread Party reform is right now! The MassGOP has so severely destroyed grassroots confidence and trust that the energy just doesn’t exist within the Commonwealth to deliver the state to Romney and that’s just the reality of the situation.

    Therefore, without impacting efforts to evict Obama nationally, we need to surgically, selectively and aggressively go after key vulnerable targets. There are several people, either on the executive board or the State Committee, that are entangled in unholy alliances that will serve our reform efforts well, allowing us to expose entire groups of progressives.

    Republican need to have some self-pride and embark on a path to statewide Party reform.

    In Liberty,
    Dave Kopacz

  8. Karen G

    Maginn is nothing other than another fake Republican, something we seem to have plenty of here in the Commonwealth. He must be identified as such, often and loudly, so that the damage he is causing to our party is mitigated.

    The folks at RRB have sure kept the microscope trained on Mr. Maginn and his shady dealings from Day One — thank you!

  9. Tom

    Unfortunately, there are many fake Republicans in the upcoming primary and it is them that could possibly win the nomination. If this scandal blows between now and November 6th, the MassGOP will be on the defense mode and in no position to help the candidates who have won and they will be at the mercy of the Dem machine. Maginn, Blute and Torkildsen should all resign and not even show up in Tampa, but we know that that will not happen.

  10. Walter Knight

    I got a glazed over look in my eye from reading all this. Or was it from the glazed donuts I was eating? Yum, yum.

    It’s all just a bump in the road come Nevember.