Magic American Moments At Fort McHenry

Posted August 27th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Vice President Mike Pence’s acceptance speech at historic Fort McHenry,  – scene of the historic battle that began on Tuesday, 13 September 1814,  – could not have been more on target and more perfect.

President Trump and Melania joined him when it was over.
2 videos:

Mike’s Speech:

The Trumps join him:

Some random thoughts….

For 8 long horrible years we had an undocumented pResident (Obama) in the White House, – backed up by our National Village Idiot (Biden).   Obama quickly showed how much he despised our Constitution,  and how much he scorned average working Americans,  – and our police,  our military,  and our Constitution.

Today the Democrats (really George Soros and President Xi) have selected that same Village Idiot as their standard bearer.   

Biden’s dementia and memory failings are painfully obvious,  – and worse – he (they?) selected a genuine whore as his running mate.

In a short 68 days Americans will vote for our national future.  This election is much bigger than just who will be President for 4 years….

.it will determine the future of Judeo-Christian Western Civilization for the next 1,000 years,  – whether your grandchildren are considered ‘Citizens’ – or tax-paying ‘subjects’; – whether they enjoy God-given RIGHTS,  – or must grovel and kneel for ‘privileges’

There are greedy and foolish Americans who will blindly,  unknowingly, – and even eagerly vote for SOCIALISM in November,   – never understanding what always happens next…until they are forced to eat their pets,…and then even (as in China) their own children.

Because union school teachers in our public schools and universities have avoided teaching real history for three generations now,  – most younger Americans (under 50) – won’t even believe that last paragraph. 

We could be on the verge of being defeated and enslaved by our own voters – our ignorant and uninformed voters.

Pray that enough Americans understand the danger and go to the polls,  – no matter how bad the weather.

One Response to “Magic American Moments At Fort McHenry”

  1. Stubby Buddy

    Biden is a total loser of a candidate, therefore there MUST be some heart-rending sob story put forth to get people to vote left (to their own utter destruction). They need a new candidate, put forth in a method to drive an emotional leftist vote.

    Look for Joe to:
    (a) have a health crisis – heart attack, stroke, other, or
    (b) be taken out by a leftist who will CLAIM to be a Trump supporter (and have the FAKE background to support it),

    allowing the dnc to swap in a new candidate who has better appeal (michael obama, jill biden) and get people to vote left for “poor Joe who now cannot be on the ticket” (because of his health or the actions of “evil republicans”).

    I hope and pray that our secret service can PREVENT scenario (b).