Maduro’s Crew-Cut Messenger Boy

Posted May 5th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Nicolas Maduro’s trusted young toady is in Moscow today, – to get some bad news from Putin’s man Sergay Lavrov.  Jorge Arreaza is a newcomer to the world stage, – Lavrov has been doing this all his life.

Jorge will return to Caracas with “encouragement” for Maduro, – i.e. a stern warning covered in a cheap velvet glove.

Maduro and Putin have met face-to-face several times. Putin has measured the fat petty dictator well, – knows his strengths, his weaknesses, – and his limited grasp on reality.

What Putin may not have counted on is how much Venezuela’s 32 million people have come to loathe Maduro – who has none of the cleverness, guile, or charisma of Hugo Chavez.

Chavez picked Maduro for his loyalty – not his ability.  Cancer messed up the plan.

Within this past 12 months, Venezuela has gone from being a basket case to an utterly failed socialist experiment.  Electricity is sporadic, food is short, medicine is gone, and fresh drinking water is an occasional thing.

Only the Military keeps Maduro in the saddle, – and there are severe cracks in their loyalty.

You can almost smell Putin’s frustration.  Every place he wants to build bases, – Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, Libya, Yemen, Egypt,…he meets with local chaos, revolution, or the failure of the local warlords to keep the peace long enough to build runways and docks.

And everywhere HE wants to build bases, – those DAMNED CHINESE show up offering better deals….

The crash today of a Venezuelan Air Force helicopter – with a couple of Lieutenant Colonels aboard must be unnerving.

Did it fly into a mountain in bad weather – or did it have ‘help’…?

Who made the decision to fly into bad weather?

For any dictator – anywhere in the world, – the last months, weeks, days and hours must be filled with dread,…not knowing which general or which servant will order you at gunpoint to get aboard an airplane – or to get on your knees….

But there is ALWAYS someone ready to take your place.

Execution of Romania’s Communist dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife Elena

Now Jorge Arreaza gets to fly back to Caracas – wondering who will meet his flight, – and how he can put the best spin on Lavrov’s message….

Maybe he could enlist that avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders to help him?

…and PAY for it all by TAXING those rich Venezuelan Millionaires and Billionaires,  – right Bernie?   If you can find any…

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  1. Walter Knight

    If Maduro the bus driver stays, he won’t be hung from a lamp post., he’ll be thrown under a bus.