Madison Wisconsin : Our Newest War Zone?

Posted June 25th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Mayor Hyphenated’s groveling video apology to BLM hasn’t tamed the Beast,  so the Governor has called up the Guard.

At RRB we wonder at “Liberal Logic” – which compels some people to bow,  kneel,  wash feet,  and apologize,  – first for slavery which ended 155 years ago,  – then ‘for any words which may have hurt your feelings’
We shouldn’t wonder, – when Liberals never learned History,  – they never learned the folly of appeasement.

It seems this socially aggrieved and angry BLM man wasn’t getting enough White Attention out on the street Tuesday night,  – so he walked into a restaurant to make a political statement – with a bullhorn and a bat.

In the video note that somebody is in position to record – BOTH outside and inside the restaurant.   Set-up?

Devonere Johnson’s 15 minutes of fame….

We can empathize.  Haven’t we all felt the need to command respect and attention with a baseball bat, – at some point in our past lives…?

To the BLM crowd in Madison,  the arrest of “Batman” Devonere Johnson was akin to the killing of George Floyd.  The riots ensued.

The Liberal reflex: Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway grovels to BLM:

Dumb move Madame Mayor.   If it made you FEEL better in the moment;  – you have given hundreds – maybe thousands – of young thugs the exact justification they need to complete their next act of anti-social violence.   When they are killed – or jailed,  – your self-serving apology won’t help them.

WORSE:  You’ve just perpetuated the myth that 155 years AFTER the Civil War,  Black Americans are still a separate class of victimized underachievers,  – somehow not to be held to the same standards of behavior as the rest of us.  This is the ROOT of Racism!  You’ve helped NOBODY!


5 Responses to “Madison Wisconsin : Our Newest War Zone?”

  1. Len Mead

    This mayor, Satya Rhodes-Conway must have started her marriage with appeasement. Hyphenate your name so your last name doesn’t disappear and piss of your parents? Typical liberal dog whistle.

    Appeasement means giving people what they want to prevent them from harming you or being angry with you.

    Hmmm – let’s see where appeasement works:
    Appeasement worked for sure, with
    -Hitler (just don’t ask 6 million Jews)
    -The Japanese (preventing them from any Pacific bombing)
    -The drug crazed thug who wants your wallet
    -The muslim who demands you convert to islam or be be-headed
    -The democrats who know giving reparations will appease BLM
    -The mob who takes over a chunk of Seattle…SO, NO MORE MURDERS?

    You get the picture.

    Unfortunately, democrats and Satya Rhodes-Conway haven’t learned that appeasement only ENCOURAGES more of the criminal behavior you think you can stop with anything but courageous force.

    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative
    (who hopes you recognize that ONLY TRUMP won’t appease our domestic anarchists and the democrats who want to destroy our beautiful Republic

  2. Kojack

    You’re right on the money again, Mike. BLM and ANTIFA are Soros’ foot soldiers hellbent on destroying our country beginning with our PD’s, history and culture. They will not stop for anything but brute force.

    Don’t expect any help if you live in here in MASS-HOLE-A-CHUSSETTS. Decades of electing MOON-BAT officials have eroded any grit or common sense out of local leadership.

    I saw that A-HOLE on the Tucker Carlson show last night. I would have made him swallow that bullhorn and then beat him senseless with his own bat if he got in my face.

  3. Walter Knight

    The rent-a-mobs are getting bigger and more frequent, but that’s all they are. Can’t wait for the Trump landslide.

  4. John

    That wench/ mayor must have an IQ less than her constituents; pathetic to watch such groveling.
    Buy more ammo.

  5. Blossom Stiefel

    That foolish mayor is showing the BLM gang that they can be in charge, do all of their damage and not have any remorse or get any penalty for their deeds. With this kind of response to their vicious acts, they are emboldened to continue to harass and harm people, loot and burn buildings, destroy lives, and law abiding citizens suffer. We need to wake up, punish these thugs or we are all doomed.