Mad Dictators’ Last Edicts

Posted November 16th, 2013 by Iron Mike

In his final days – his brain riddled with syphilis, cocaine, amphetamine, and a dozen other drugs,  – Hitler was ordering non-existent Panzer Divisions into position to block the Red Army – just 10 miles away.
Last Edicts
Obama – his brain riddled with marijuana, cocaine, and narcissism – orders insurance companies to reinstate millions of policyholders – dropped because of the illegal provisions of ObamaCare.

During the Spring of 1941 – Germany’s most seasoned generals had warned Hitler not to invade Russia – that it was too much to undertake and Germany was hardly ready.  He didn’t listen

Initial German successes in the summer of 1941 emboldened him.  But Stalin and the Russians proved stubborn, resourceful, and resilient.  The Germans were unprepared for Russia.
System is Down - horses
Four bloody years later massive Russian Tank Armies were shelling the outskirts of Berlin.

The once feared German Army was reduced to putting preteen boys in uniform.  Over 4,000,000 Germans had died on the Russian Front.  They never entered Moscow or Leningrad, – and those who entered Stalingrad – died there.
Price of Arrogance
During 2009 – 2010 Republicans and Conservatives warned against the growing monster which became known as ObamaCare.  Obama, Pelosi, and Reid were warned that it was too big,  too cumbersome, – and that it would disrupt [perhaps fatally] the entire American medical profession and the American economy. 

Obama and his cartel scoffed,…he knew better….  And like Hitler – he lied, and lied, and lied….
Final Days
Three years later 4.5 million Americans have received cancellation notices. Millions more are out of work – or reduced to part-time hours.

Now,  like Hitler 68 years ago – he is ordering non-existent divisions [insurance companies] into the fray.   Hitler took poison – then shot himself.

We have to endure three more years of Obama…..  Or do we?

4 Responses to “Mad Dictators’ Last Edicts”

  1. Tom

    The 900 day Siege of Leningrad combined with the most bitter Russian winters in a century destroyed the German army and sent them stumbling back to theFatherland.
    We have now endured more than 1100 days of the Obama Cartel Siege against the Constitution, the military, the health care system and the people of this great Republic.

    Will he also be beaten by the frigid reception from stalwarts who protect and defend the Constitution in the military, the millions of uninsured who were promised that the insurance cake would be unbanked and the patriots all over this great country who will lead the voters revolution to castrate this demonic dictator.

  2. Casey Chapman

    History repeats itself. Again, and again, and again.

  3. Walter Knight

    I have yet to meet even one person who voted for Obama who wouldn’t vote for him again. They’re still waiting for their free stuff, and Obama is still making promises.

    You can’t fix stupid.

  4. Varvara

    Autumn came and then it turned cold and rainy and snow started. The German army was dressed in summer uniforms. They did not have a swift victory and began to starve and then ate the horses.

    Boys in uniforms in Germany; just like boys in Japanese airplanes.

    0bama delivers orders, just like Hitler, Stalin and a few others, without really having a grasp on reality.